Shenzhen Bay, Ming Ren, lion shadow service team joint change

Shenzhen Bay, Ming Ren, lion shadow service team joint change

        &lionsnbsp;   On July 27th, 2013, S人民日报谈天价彩礼henzhen Lions Club Shenzhen Bay Servicteam什么意思e Team, Together witservice翻译h Mi人民日报谈天价彩礼ngren Service Team and Lion Shadow Service team held the joint changing ceremony at Zijin Royal Linmen Hot Spring. The former director of Shenzhen Li明星大侦探ons Club, M深圳疫情最新动态r. Zhang Weixian, chairman of district 10 for 2013-2014, Mr. Liu Quan Shi, and membeshadowrs of Shenzhen Bay Slion怎么读ervice Team, Mingren S八一中文网ervice Team and Liojoint翻译n Shadow Service Team attended the ceremony.
            At 4:30pm, the lishadowon friends held a fellowship activity to share the journey of the lion road and the plan of the New Year. At 5 o ‘clock in the afternoon, the election ce名侦探柯南remony offilion的音标cially began,明日之后 the conjointference president Liu Quanshi rang the bell for the meeting, an名字d delivered a we八月长安lcome speech.
In the presence of former director Cheung Wai-yin, The 2012team什么意思-2013 chairman zhu Songlin and 2013-2014 Chairman Pan Zhiping of Shenzhen Bay Service Team, 2012-2013 Chairman Chen Kemiao and 2013-2014 chairman Qian Tjoint effortiantian of Mingren Service Team, 2012-2013 Chairman Wu Shaowen and 2013-2014 chairman Chen Jiacong of Lion Shadow Service team were completed respectively Became the president’s handover ceremony. The tjoint翻译hree new presidents of 2013-2014lion怎么读 made their inaugural spjointedeeches respectively, saying that they would live up toservice的名词 everyone’s expectations and make more brilliant achievements in the New Year to contribute to the charity.
            Charity auctio人间中毒ns and entertainment were also arranged for the ceremony, which ended in a happy atmosphere.
            Members of the board of dirshadowrocket小火箭ectors of the three service teams visitteamviewered the Zijin Jiuhe Home for the ageshadowrockt节点怎么设置d and sent gifts and blessings to the elderly on March 28.

Photo by Liu Zhiyou

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