Lions Club of Shenzhen donates 1.5 million yuan to build a school in Southern Jiangxi (source: Shenzhen Evening News A10)

Lions Club of Shenzhen donated 1.5 million yuan to build a school in southern Jiangxi

    &nlions的音标bsp;       Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wang Xiaofang) Recentlyschooling, the Lions Club of Shenzhen visited Ruijin, Xingguo, Yudu and other places in gannan of Jiangxi province for a three-schoolingday visit, visiting the local people in need, and focusing on the local edudonatescation and teaching as well as the elderly原神 situation. The reporter lea元气骑士破解版rned that the Hopeclub Primary School donated by Shenzhen Lions Club in Taoxi Village, Huanglin Township, Yudu County, Ruijin County, Jiangxi province will be put into use whmillionaire是什么意思en the school opens ne圆通快递查询单号xt sprinbuild的名词g.

    &nbs原来我是修仙大佬p;       “ When we have a dormitory, we don’t have to get up before dawn and travel to school. ” Yan Shishi, a sixth-grschoolboysecretsade student at深圳大学 Taoxi Hope Primarmilliondoll动漫y School, was very excited. It is understood that taoxi Hope Primary School was built with 1.5 million yuan donated by the Shenzhen Lions Club. In addition深圳 to dbuild的名词onating to the school, the Shenzhen Lion深圳疫情最新动态s Club als元素周期表o provided financial aid to the poor students of the school. “ A school building, dormitory and cafeteri深圳疫情a are expected to be completedbuild的名词 next spring, providing 18 dormitories for studemillion是什么意思英语nts and teacbuild过去式hers, and children will be able to eat lunch directly on campus. &rdqulions翻译o; Yan Xin, the principal of Taoxi Hope Primary Scschool怎么读hool, is all smiles as she talks about the upcoming campus.

        &nbbuild怎么读sp; &nbspmillions; Members of the Shenzhen Lions Club, & LDquo; Love Ambassadschool怎么读or & RDquo; Liang Xiaoming initiated. During the 3-day visit, the Lions club of Shenzhen visited the Liren Village in Yeping Township, Ruijin City. &build的名词mdash; Huangsha Village Huahu, Xingguo County experimental school, Ruijin City welfare center, Taoxi Hope primmillion是什么意思英语ary school and other places. Wu Xi深圳疫情最新动态aoming, director of Lions Club shenzhen, said that the purpose of the visit was to learn about the living conditions of poor people in southern Gannan, and to let more lions club members learn about Liang xiaoming’s charity philbuilderosophy and philanthropy. Next, Shenz深证指数hen Lionsschool怎么读 Club hobuilding翻译pes to cooperate with the cmillion怎么读英语ha深圳rity team in Jiangxi province to help the poor peoplschoolboysecretse in soutshenzhenhern Jiangxi. &ldqumilliondoll动漫o; When we get the school, we stay with it. ”

            Relateclubd links: Lions Club of S原神henzhen donated 1.5 million yuan to build the schooschoolboysecretsl in southern Jiangxi

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