Shenzhen Lions Club certified Lion Guide Training Notice 2013-2014

Shenzhen Lions Club certified Lion Guide Training Notice 2013-2014

Dear Lion friend,

    &nlions翻译bsp; &nbsp归德侯府;     In order to sulionpport the healtlions是什么意思h深圳风险等级y growth of service tnoticeeams and the establishment of new strainingpeakservice teams and the development of weak service teams, Shenzhen Lionscertified是什么认证 Club will hold the 2013-2014 certified Lio龟的拼音n Guide Training class from November 15 to 17, 2013. Specific arrangements are as follows:

            A, & have spent Participants: graduate presidents and district presidents who have not participateclub是什么意思d in gui深圳市最新疫情ding lion training

            Secon深圳疫情d, & have spent Schedule:notice同义词
            On November 15
&nbsclubp; &深圳疫情nbsp;      training造句   15:00-17:3trainingpeaks0 check-in and check-in
   training衣服品牌   &nbs深圳p;     The same – 7 p.m flion的中文意思or dinner
    &nbs深证指数p; &nbrecertifiedsp;     19:00-21:00 Ice breaking tour

            On Nocertified翻译成中文vember 16
          &nclub怎么读bsp; 08:00 09:00 – breakfast
            09:00-09:10 open training
            09:10-12:00 training
    &training翻译nbsp; &nblion是什么意思sp;     12:00-14:00 Lunch and lunch break
    &nbspcertified怎么读; &nbnotice的形容词sp;     PM – thus training were
      &nnotice同义词bsp;     Thus – were the same big ptrainingicture
            The same – 7 p.m for dinner
            19:00-22:00 Fellowship exchan深圳疫情最新动态ge

            On November 17
  &nbsprecertified;         08:00 09:00 – breakfast
            09:10-12:00 training
&nbsp深圳天气;   &nbnotice用法sp;       12:00-14:00 Lunch and check-out
    &nbspclub用英语怎么说;       14:00-15:00 Homework
            15:10-16:50 Graduation ceremony

        &lions的音标nbsp;   Three, & have spent Degree places: 40 students

        &nbsguide怎么读p; &nbspcertified怎么读; Four, & have speguide怎么读nt Training location: Dameishguide是什么意思a Vanke East Coast Blue Club

       certified是什么牌子     Five, & have spent Dress requirement: Lions club red lion suit (for group photo) and comfortable casunotice的固定搭配al wear

Siclubsx, & hlions读音ave spent Trailions翻译中文ning cost:
            1, & ha贵的拼音ve spent Room and board: 480 YUAN/person (double standard room), including 2 nights, 4 dinners anlions怎么读d 2 breakfasts. If you live in a single room, you need to p龟的拼音ay 280 yuan/person for the difference. Fees can be paid in cash瑰的拼音 or by credit card on site.
        &深圳天气nbsp;   2, & have spent Contact person for registration: Cui Ping, Deputy leadeclub是什么意思r of guide Lion Group, Shijie 13510377178,
Brother Wang Chengshi, leader of guide Lion Grtraining翻译oup 13802239062nbsp;

            Seven, & have spent Deguide怎么读adline for registratcertifiedion: November 8, 2013

    &nbspclubmed;       Eight, & have spent Other matters: Disposable toothbrush and toothpaste are not provided i鬼的拼音n the hotel. Please bring your own toilelioneltries.

  &guidebooknbsp;         Attachment:

  &nblions翻译sp;         1. Application Form of 2013-2014 Certified Lion Guide of Shenzhen Lions Clnotice作文ub

            2. Shenzhen Lions Club 2013-2014 Certifielions是什么意思d Tutor Training Schedule


2013-2014 Lions Guide group of Shenzhen Lions Club
October 29, 2013

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