The 52nd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Annual Conference welcomed shenzhen Red Lion

The 52nd Far East and Southeast Asia Lion Annual Conference
Welcome shenzhen Red Lion

Ldquo; Silver Award of the 1st Dream Achiever Award & RDQUO;

            Shenzhen Evening News (Reporter CAI Zhijun, colionkkrrespolion怎么读ndent Zhou Jiaolong/article Ma Huijuan, He Gsoutheast怎么读ang, Hong Shenglong/photo) From November 7th to 10th, the 52nd Far Elionelast and Southeast Asia Lion Annual Con尿毒症ference was held in & LDquo; Lion city & throughout; Marina Bay Sands Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. A delegation consisting of more than 210 people, including Wu Xiaoming, director of lions Club shenzhen 2013-2014, Lin Tao, deputy directlion翻译or of Lions Clubfarewell Shenzhen and lion friends fro那的笔顺m each service team, attended the annual conventiowelcome的意思n in Singapore. This was the feastmoney东方财富网股irst time for Lions Club Shenzhen to participate in the Soutconference读音heast Asia annual Convention wfarm怎么读ith such a large team. Domestic Lions Association executive vice President Zhang Guojun, viceannualized president Dai Jianmingfarm also attended the annual meeting.

          &nbsconference什么意思p; It is repoeast是什么意思翻译rted that the annual meetingannually from the dolion怎么读mesticasian翻译, Soutwelcomed的读音h Korea, Japan, Thailand能的部首是什么, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines and other countries and regions a total of more than 6,600 lion friends to participate, Shenzhen lion friendsasian意思 & LDquo; Red lion suit & throughout; It was牛顿 thconference怎么读e most impressive team in all the regioconference翻译ns.

         &nbspwelcome的英语怎么读; Heart to hand collusion service

      &nbs能的部首是什么p;     The tconference中文翻译heme of this annual cconferenceonference is & LDquo; Connectivi宁德时代ty ” . Joining hands and hannual造句eeastmoney东方财富网股arts represents communication, cooperation, cohesion and the cosoutheastern是什么意思mmlionson goals and aspirations of all lions. — “ Service & throughout; .

            Communication plays an impeaster是什么意思英语ortant role in our lives and in the whollionse world. With the progress of technology, communication barriers will be further dsoutheastern是什么意思ismantled and the wosoutheastern怎么读rld will become closer. The theme of this coconference读音nference foreshadows the need for sustainable and evolving service to meet the needs of the countless vulnfar是什么意思erable populations we serve.

            At the annual meeting,southeast是什么意思 leaders owelcome的意思f lions clubs in the Far East alionelnd Southeast Asia discussed the futursoutheaste development d能的部首是什么irection and service plan of Lions Clubs. Through mutual communication, felloeaster是什么意思英语wship and badge exchange, the lion friends of various counfarm是什么意思tries enhance the understanding between lion friends and promote international exchaconference怎么读nges.

&nbsfarewellp;   &nwelcomed怎么读bsp;      &ldqannualsuo; Deep throughout the lion &; Popular in Korea

  &conference和meeting区别nbsp;         Shenzhen lion friends attended the opening ceremony, international lion Friendsannual exchange meeting, former president Tan Ronggen Lion Brothers & LDQUO; Lions have no Borders ” We had a wonderful time with speeceastmoney手机版hes宁德时代, governors’ meetings, annual theme seminaasiars, women’s theme conferences and activities, Lionsoutheastern怎么读s Club President dinner, closing ceremony and othsoutheast翻译er wonderful meetings and activities.

&nbseast翻译p;     &nwelcome的意思bsp;     On the morning of November 8, shenzhen Lions cwelcomed怎么读lub delegation participated in the 52nd Southasian读音east Asia Lions Club meetifarmng, exchanging experience with lions from far East and Southeast Asia to promote closer friendship and cooperation among lions.

            On the afternoon of November 8, the 52nd Far East and Soconference是什么意思英语utheannual翻译ast Asia Annual Cowelcome的用法小结nference was grandly opened in Singapore sands Convention and Exhibition Centre. Lion friends from all over the wosoutheast是什么意思英语rld gathered together for the annual meeting. Zhang Guojun, executive vice president of domestic Lions Association and former directo尿毒症r of Shenzhen Lions Club, led the directors of niwelcome的用法小结ne regions ieast翻译ncluding Shenzhen and Guangdong to present at the venue. After the wonderful singing and dancing performance wieast怎么读th Singaporean characsoutheast是什么意思英语teristicsfarewell, Singapore President Tony Tan Keng Yam, Chairman ofarewellf the Southeast Asia Confarm是什么意思vention aannual的名词nd former President Lim Hon Chee, anannuallyd Barry J. Palmer, President of Lions Club International 2013-2014 jowelcomed的读音iwelcome的用法小结ntly opened the convention.

            On November 9, at noon, direlion是什么意思ctor of shenzhen lions international conference committee能的部首是什么 in w娘道u xm, led to thewelcomed的读音 c牛顿onference chairmeaster什么意思an Lim Hon Chee, secretary-general SheShaoJianglion, chief fineast是什么意思翻译ancial officer yong-fa zheng, as well as members of the organizing cwelcome的过去式ommittee, former directoasian读音r Henry tan and Charlie chan a friendly visit, learning about the annualconference读音 meetingwelcome的过去式 of the southeast Asia office will process and fund-raising and works, the more rewarding.

            Makewelcome的用法小结 your dreams come true and tannual造句ake home the silver medafarl

            On tannual的名词he evening of Novembconferenceer 9th, Mr. Wu Xiaoming, director of Lions Club shenzhen 201farther3~2014, wafarm是什么意思s awarded the prize at the lions Club President dinner. Silver Award of the 1st Dream Achieverasia Award & RDQUO; .

            The 108-sq. ft. flower-and-bird painting “Flowers in full bloom warm lion City” created by Cao Yingwang ofannually Shenzhen Lions Club nanhai Service team was donaeast翻译ted to the organizing committeeast是什么意思翻译e of the 52nd Southeast Asia Lion Clu能的部首是什么b by Mr. Zhang Guojwelcomed的读音un, executive vice president and Mr. Dai Jialion怎么读nming, vice president of Lions Association in China.

President of Singapore Tony Tan keng Ywelcomed怎么读am, chairman of the Southeawelcome的中文st Asia Conveconference英语ntion and President of Lions International opened the 52nd Far East and Southeast Asia Lions Convention.

Shenzhen & other; Red lion & throulion的音标ghout; Shining lion city

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