22.984 million yuan donated to Ya ‘an

China Lion Association, Ya ‘an, Sichuan 4&MIDdot; Earthquake aid projects were launched
22.984 million yuan donated to Ya ‘an

Shenzhen Evening News reporter Xu Bin & NBSP;  

Hongya: All for the children

              On the morning of November 30th, luoba Pr妖神记imary School in Luomillionaireba Town, Hongya County, Si杨颖chuan province sang a moving c缘之空hildren’s song. The children were sitting in the campus waitdonate的名词ing for the arrival of guests from Shenzhen. By the lions club of shenzhen yitian service donmillion的意思ation of 1 million杨紫 yuan luo dam rebuildin延禧攻略g hoanya county primary school, shenzhen lions central service funded by a donation of 1 million ydonatedua元尊n hoanya taoyuan county primary school, sh亚洲无砖砖区免费enzhen lions shangbmillion是什么意思英语u service funded by a donation of 800000 yuan hoanya mediator righteous延禧攻略 public elementary school, shenzhen evening lomillion的用法ve fund audivisual classrooms, shenzhen lions mileage se元气骑士破解版rvice: 400000 yuan has contribuyatmillion翻译ed to a donation of 120000 endowed in the spring The wind library, mileage service team and the starting service team also donated 330,000 yuan to emillion怎么读英语stablish a one-to-one education fund for the construction of the projectyuan laying the foundation ceremony was held here.

&nb妖神记sp;             Hongya Counmillion怎么读英语ty, Sichuan Province, Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee, County Magistrate Yang Yunliang presided over the ceremony of laying the foundat元气骑士破解版ion stone, Hongya County wan Qinfang deputy county magistrate introd缘之空uced. 4&million的用法middot; 20 Lushan earthquake & RDquo; Basic information of disaster and post-disaster reconstrucmilliondoll动漫tion. The county disaster in 21 counties in t缘之空he eighth row, the county a large number of houses, especiallymillion翻译 school housing damage serious, and the above said the three primary school buildings in the area of the largest. Hongya county three days after the earthquake resumed teaching, for the safety of students, all teachers moved to the board house offic圆通快递e. Wu Zewei, honorary director of The Lions Club of Shenzhen, said that members of the Lions Club visited Ya ‘an and Hongya several times to inspect the reconst圆周率ruction of schools aftedonate的名词r the disaster. He said: & other; After the disaster, Zhongbaoyigong Primary School turned into ruins. The children crowded into a 7 squayuanre meter prefabricated room for classes,亚洲无砖砖区免费 but they had bright smiles on their faces. Their clear eyes moved us.元气骑士 In Luoba Primary scdonate的意思hool, all the teachers work in the crowded prefabr原来我是修仙大佬icated room to make room for the children. That’s why we研招网 build schools and help students, because ev杨洋ery child has the right to rec杨洋eive education. ”

              Ya ‘an: a dream home for the disabled

      &原神nbsp;         On the afternoon of Nodonate的用法vember 30th, a delegation of love ambassadors from Shenzhen continued to rush to Lushan, and a more grand donation ceremony was underway. By beautiful home public welfare fund, the Hong Kong co延禧攻略uncil of east China group, the li圆通快递查询单号on of dalian, zhejiang lions club member manage妖神记ment commimilliondoll动漫tmillion翻译teedonated, the shenzhen yitian service, shenzhe赝太子n lions central GFS, lions shangbu service in shenzhen, shenzhen lions mileage service, shen元尊zhen lions to service, domesti元气骑士破解版c lion federatiodonated翻译n member management committee, the Beijing domestic lion federation member of Harbin Co-launched by the Council of Science and shenzhen Evening News Love Fund & LDquo; China Lion Association, Ya ‘an, Sichuan 4&MIDdot; Earthquake Aid Project & RDQUO; Officially launched, a total of 22.984 million yuan of dmillionsonations gathered in Ya ‘an, in addition to th元气骑士e three school consmillion怎么读英语truction project杨幂s started in the morning, other donations are mainly used to support severely disyuanabled people in the affected armilliondoll动漫eas, to help them regain confidence in life amillionaire是什么意思fter the disaster. Wu Xiaoming, director of Th原来我是修仙大佬e Lions Club of Shenzhen, said in an interview: All lions club does is hope that people can make a contribution to the society, spread this love, let more people feel the warmth of themillion和billion的区别 world. ”

  &nb杨紫sp;         Tan Ronggen, former presimilliondoll动漫dent of Liomillionsns Club International圆周率, said with emot妖神记ion: I am so proud of杨幂 you, lionsmillion是什么意思英语. You are making the world a better place. ” Domestic Disadonate的固定短语搭配bled persons’ Federation vice Chairman, executive vice president, chairm延禧攻略an of the Domestic Lions Association Wang Naikun said: & LDquo; The disaster is o杨紫ver and reconstruction is u原来我是修仙大佬nder way. May we build a better future together. &rdquodonated;

Link: http://wb.sznews.com/html/2013-12/02/conmillion是什么意思英语tent_2703984.htm

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