“One to one” to help the disabled (source: Shenzhen Evening News: B13 edition)

“ One-to-one & throughout; Support assistive

        &nhelpfulbsp;   Shenzhen Evening New深圳风险等级s (reporter Wang Xiahelp outofang corresponden北京天气t Chen Jundong) 13 days, Baoan district Songgang Street road east street a private restaurant spread bursteditionss of laughter. It turned out that as the end of the Nesourcedw Year apsources是什么文件夹proached, the members of thhelp怎么读e Xixiang Service Team of Shenzhen Lions cevening是从几点到几点lub and xixiang Zhikang Center held a fellowsource insightship activity again.

        &nbspevening和night区别;   Reporters learned that last November, shenzhen Lion Cross Xixiang service team and Xixiang health center signed & LDquodisabled造句; One-to-one & thnews可数吗roughout; Help and assist the disabled. Lions club mnewsletterembers help the members of Xiheung V深圳市最新疫情ocational Health Centre one to one. This ehelplessvent is between lions club and Xixiang Strnewseet Occupational Health Center &newspaper LDQUO; One-to-one & throughout; The fourth activity of helping the disableddisabled怎么读. Play gnewsmth水木社区ames, chat, taste private di深圳市最新疫情shes & Hellip; … The members of the Li深圳大学ons Club xixiang Service team had a happy interaction with the disabled friends of xixiang Vocational Rehabilitation Center. After the event, lions club members also handed out gifts to members of the rehdisabled造句abilitation center.

          &nbsnewsmth水木社区p; Accobrdin深圳大学g to members of the Lions Club’s Xixiang Service team, in the next step, the Lions Club will launch rehabilita深圳疫情最新动态tion training, problem activities and other activities on some深证指数 major festivals to create more opportunitiesedition是什么意思英语 for the disabled teditiono get out of their homes.

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