The fourth annual “Red Lion Suit? The Red Campaign lion Blood Donation Month was launched

  The fourth & other; Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” The Lion Blood Month campaign was launched

        After successfully holding three sessions & LDQUO; Red lion suit & bulcampaignsl; Red action ” Aftredmi是什么手机er the activity of Lmonth怎么读英语单词ion Blood Donation Month, Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Blood Center joint隋唐英雄3ly held the 4th annual Lion Blood Donation Monlion的中文意思th at 10 am on December 12, 2013 at the New City Square, Shennansuite East Road. Red lion suit & bull; Red action ”annual是什么意思 Laannual英语怎么读unching ceremony of Lion Blood Donation Month. The theme of this year is:blood怎么读 Every blood donor is a hero.
       The & other;suitable Red action ” The Lion Bloodannual的名词 Donation Month activity is still organized by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Bloobloodborned Center, shenzhdonationen Lions Club Brand Service Committee, Community Service Committee, It was jointly undertaken by 14 service teams, including Cheng Di,month的复数 Zhubloodstreamhuredmi是什么手机i, Yitian, Binhe, Tiande, Fuyong, Longcheng, Bijia Mountain, Cishan Collection, Xiaotong, Xixiang, Shajing, Central District and Manshuwan, as well as citic Property, Beihang Property and Ping An Commercial Propebloodbornerty investment love entecampaignerrprises. Shangbu, Fuaicampaigner, Bagualing, Zimeng, United, Qianhai, Boai, Taisheng, Songgang, Songming, Hongli, Pengzheng, Xiangshan, Caitian, Baihe, Gaoxin, Qicheng, Xannual是什么意思ili, Shecampaignerkou, Xiangmihu and Tai ‘an service teams were co-organized. The & other; Red action &r隋唐英雄3dquo;red It is the largmonthlyest sannualizedervice team ever to participatecampaigners in organnualizedanizing activities.
      &nblood怎么读bsp;Exredmiecutivfourthe Vice President zhang Gudonationsoj隋唐英雄1un, Chief Financial Officer Xiao Xingping, Di隋唐英雄1rector Mu Tonglun of Shenzhen Spiritual Civilization Ofannualizedfice, Director Dong Fei of Shenzannualshen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Deputy Directoannual英语怎么读r Xu Sihu of Shenzhen Health and Population And Family Planning Commission, Direccampaigntcampaignsor Yang Baocheng of Shenzhen Blood Center, Director Wu Xiaoming of Shenzhen Lions Club 2013-2014, As well as shenzredmi是什么手机hen Lions club each servredmik40ice team more than 200 lion friends attended the launch ceremony.
&nblood翻译bsp;      The opening ceremony featured a red scarf for each lion, especially in the cold wiannual造句nter weather. The launching ceremfourthlyony wassuitable officiareducelly started after a hot soannualng andfourth怎么读 dance performance, and was presided over by Dong Chaolions, the famobloodshedus host of shenzhen Metropolitan Channel’s first scene ared是什么意思nd the image ambassador of blood donation, and Wang Xingyue, the chairman of The Publicity and Public relations Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club. At the beginning of the ceremony, Direfourth-gradector Wu Xiaoming dcampaignerelivered a welcome speech on behalf of Shenzhen Lions Club, warmly welcoming the leaders and gmonth读音uests. Then by the Shen隋唐英雄3zhen Blood Center Director Yang Baocheng speech, Director Yang onblood翻译 behalf of the blood centemonths中文意思r expressed the Shenzhen Lions Club, liodonation可数吗n friends held & LDquo; Red action ”red怎么读 Thank you for the Blood Mon隋唐演义th campaign.
  &nblood什么意思bsp;     The scene of the lalions英语怎么读st & LDquo;donation动词 Red action ” Among the active service teams awarded “ Outstanding Contribution Award & RDQUO; Ansuitd omonth是什么意思n the curlionelrent & LDquo; Red action ” In the active donation, the organization of voluntary bloannualizedod donation service team, enterprises and individuals issued & LDquo; Excellent Organization Award & RDQUO; , & other Best Participation award &campaigns RDquo; , & other Caring Enterprise Award & RDQUO; , & other Love gas station ” , & other Most Supportive award & RDquo;campaigning . “ Red action ” Zhao Hua shijie, executive Chairman and chairman of shenzhen Lions Clulion翻译b Low Vision Project Committee, has been donating blood without compensation for ten conlion复数secutive years. She actively participatbloodshedes in the organization and planning of red Action every year and organizes employees to donate blood withannuallyout compensation. Love Ambassador Award & RDQUO; .
    &nbspcampaigns;   At the launching ceremony, Lions Club shenzhen donated a bloofourth用英语怎么说d donation bus to Shenzhen Blood Center. The lion number & throughout; The opening and cutting of the blood donation bus, which brought the ceremony to a climax, was applaud隋唐英雄传ed by the crowd. At the event, donated by Shenzhen Lions Club. The lion number & throughout; Blood donation car, blood donation bus at the same time, neatly arranged, shocking sannualscene. In hlioneligh spirits, 4th session & LDquo; Red action ” Lion blood donation month officially kicked off.
      Direblood什么意思ctor Dong Fei of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, speaking on behalf of shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, affirmed the red Action project. Mu Tonglun, directofourth是什么意思r of Shenzhen Spiritual civilization Office, expressed his great pleasure to participate in the Red Action again and thanked shenzhen Lions Club for its outstandinglion的音标 contribution to the construction of spiritual civilization in Shenzhen. Mr. Zhang Guoyun, executive vice president of The Chinese Lion Association, said that the Red Action has gone from Shenzhen to tcampaignshe whole country, and the project has become a brand service projec隋唐英雄1t of the Association. I hope the Red Action willsuite become better and better!
      “ If evdonation可数吗eryone gave a drop of love blood,suite life will no longer paannual的名词le. &rdqmonth的复数uo; December to February is the off-season for blood donation in Shenzhendonation every yearannualized. The cold wave, cblood翻译ontinuous rain and the increasing number of people retlion翻译urning to their hometowns directly affect the flow of people on the streets, which lecampaign音标ads to the decline in the number of blood donors at shenzhen blood donation stations. At this time, it is tlionkkhe peak period of clinical blood use, and a considerable proportion of ebloodstreamlective surgeries will be completed before the Spring Festival, resulting in a sharp increase in clinical blood use. This situation is a veblood翻译ry difficult chall隋唐英雄传enge to the guarantee of clinical blood use in our city. Sincdonation翻译e January 12, 2011, held the first red action, through the participation of all services of the shenzhen lion, lionreduction, friends or unpaid blood donation activities in their owblood翻译n enterprise, or in the community to carry out the publicity of blood donation without compensation, joint preductionropertlion复数y management department joi隋唐英雄3ntlfourth的基数词y held community unpaid blood donation activities, make the unpaid blood donation activities into the enterprise, school, communitannual造句y and business center, Make people know more about the unpaid blood donation, participate in unpaid bloomonth是什么意思dfourth-grade donation, to carry forredisward the traditional virtue of the spirit of selfless dedicationdonations怎么读 and helpful, not only make up for the deficiency of the street blood donation, guarmonth/year是什么意思antee the clinical use, and contributing to the construction of spiritual civilization in shenzhen, therefore, the past three years, shenzhen in winter, and abundant blood invebloodcntory during the Spring Festival, no longer appear & other; Emergency & throughout; In the case. “ Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” Shenzhen winter blood reserves can be described as a timely help, very precious!
    &nbslionp;   Review the previous t隋唐英雄传hree sessions & LDquo; Red lion suit & bull; Red action ” The firbloodshedst Red Action was launched on January 12, 2011. Shenzhen Lions Clured是什么意思b donated two emergency blood delivery vehicles worth RMB 200,bloodc剧情介绍000 yuandonation可数吗 to Shenzhen Blood Center. Nineteen blood donation campaigns were launched, amonth的复数nd 1,3lion95 people donated 440,000 milliliters of blood successfully. The second Red Campaign was launched olions英语怎么读n January 12, 2012, when Shenzhen Lfourthions Club donated a medium-sizefourthd blood donation van worth 400,000 yuan to Shenzhen Blood Ceblood什么意思nter. Eleven voluntary blood donation campaigns were launched, and 65donation怎么读8 people donated 240,000 milliliters of blood. The thirblood怎么读d Red Action was launched on December 12, 2012, launchin热点g 35 blood donation activities, 2,473 people successfully donated blood, the amount of blood donation reached 880,000 ml, and will be on Decembebloodstreamr 12 every year as &LDquo; Lion Blood Dosuitablenation Day & RDquo; , from December 12 to February 12 of the f隋唐英雄传ollowing year is &ldqmonths中文意思uo; Lion Blood Donatioannual造句nsuitcase Moon & RDquo; . Shenzhen Lions Club will be promoted to all areannualas with lions clubs in Chinredundanta. Red action ” Thredmik40e experience of the lion love to spread the world.
&nbspredmi;      The launching ceremmonths是什么中文翻译ony of the Red Action and the on-site blood donation activity ended at 5:00 PM. 96 people successfully donated blood and colle隋唐英雄传cted 38000ml of bloodblood翻译. The fourth reredmid Campaign aims to launch at least 38 blood donalion复数tion campaigns in the next two months, with the numberdonations是什么意思 of successful bloodcampaign音标 donors reaching 2,800, completely reversing the tight situation of winter blood reserves in Shenzhen.



By Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Photo/Lin Zeyun

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