The month of Lion blood donation is very hot. (Source: Shenzhen Evening News A04)

 Lion blood donation month is very hot lion friends actively donate sleeves

    &nlion复数bsp;   Shbloodshedenzhen Evening News (Reporter Zhlionsou Qian, chot怎么读orrespondent Sun Jing) The reporter learned from the citmonths是什么中文翻译y blood cen深圳疫情最新动态ter yesterdayblood什么意思 that all kinds of whole blood w深圳风险等级ill be collected normally in the coming week, among which the stock of type A and O red bloodhot怎么读 cells is low. Please pay close attention to the official wbloodborneebsite and official weverymuch翻译成中文ibo dailbloodborney public opinion on blood donation. Apheresis platelets will be collected according to chotel什么意思ldonation动词形式inicalveryins requirements. Please call 83252122深圳 for ahotn appointment.

       12th of this month, the fblood怎么读ourth & LDquo; Red lion suit & middot; Red action ” After the launch of the Lion Blood Donation Month, lion friends actively organized enterprises to participate inevening和night区别 voluntary blood donation. This week, 202 people donated blood successfully organized by Shenzhen Xinhaoyuan Electronic Technosource的中文意思logy Co., LTD, Lions Tiande Service Team and the City Volunteer Association,深圳疫情 Shenzhen Exce深圳地铁线路图llence Property Management Co., LTD and Shenzhen Faisite Precision Technology Co., LTD. From December 20 to 22, shenzhen Excellence Property Management Co., LTD. Excellence Century Center, Shenzhen Lions Club Pengzheng Service team, Binhe seblood什么意思rvice team will also hold a collective blood doevening是什么意思nation activity.

       donations怎么读In addition, the blbloodmalletood donation cart in Lianhuashan Park aneveningd thevening英语怎么读e blevening是从几点到几点ood donation cart in Dongmen Culture Square will work normally on Saturday. Haya Department Store s blood donation cart will be suspended from July 20 to 22.

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