Crystal Ying’s night love? The 2014 New Year charity Gala of Shenzhen Lions Club was held

  Jing ying night
Intravenous drip love & bull; Summed up the sea
— — The 2014 New Year charity gala of Shenzhen Lions Club樱花 was held

        December 21, 2013, Shenzhen Lions Club annual gala & LDQUO; Crystal Clear night & Lsquo; Intravenous drip love & bull英语翻译; Summed up the selovealarma & rsquo; — &gala乐队mdcharityascharity形容词h; 2014 New Yecharity的内涵意义ar Charity Gala of Shenzhen Lions Club & Rgala乐队DQUO; Held at Futian Shangri-La Hotel shenzhen. Leaders from lions Clubs International, Lions Clubs in China, Shenzhenight14liven Disabled Persons’ Federation, Civic organization Managelove直播手机版app下载ment Bureau, Shenzhen Care andcharity和love区别 Care Officenew balance, as well as more than 600 lion friends from Hong Kong, Macao, Guangdong, Dalian, Harbin and Shenzhen Lion Friends gathered together to welcome the New Year.

  &应用宝nbspyearly;    Ms. Lin Ziyu, presgalaxy什么意思ident agalanz是什么牌子nd First Deputy Direcnew是什么意思tor of the c樱花onference, gave a welcome speechgala. She tcrystal翻译hyearnanked the participants for coming and wished everyone a warm and unforgettable evening here.
&nblovelysp;      Shenzhen lion director wu xm speech, he talked about the annual New Year’s charity is enhance mutual undersnight是什么意思翻译成中文tanding and frnews可数吗iendship between lions around the stage, let everyone remember today, remember this happy and auspicious night, shenzhecrystal卡卡卡的微博n lions in thlove最新版官方下载e coming days will contnewlyinue to enhance credibility, charisma and influence, leadership and cnew怎么读ohesion, together to dnightalko a good job of lion service, Contin应用宝ue to carry out various service activities, widely spread & LDquo; We serve ” To further promote the steady development of this year’s work, and mgalanzake positive contcrystal是什么元器件ributions to build a better future for lions Club!
     yearning &lovenbsp;Mr. Zhang Guojun, executive V旮旯怎么读ice President of Domestic Lions Association, Mr. Zu Yuqin, chief represnightmareentative of Domlove is gone英文翻译estic Lions Association in Shenzhen and President of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, spoke at the party respectively, and affirmed shenzhen Lions Club’s outstanding contribution to charity and public welfare undertakings, and had high hopes for the future denight是什么意思velopment of Shenzhen Lions Club.
       In order to support the service activities of lions Club in Shenzhen, this year, lions club members actively pledged money & LDquo; China lion prize & throughout; And & other; Mervyn Chessman Award & RDquo; , and won the commendcharity怎么读ation, lion friends pledged 336 Huashi awards, raised 1.68 million yuan; He pledged 128 Mervant Cherryman Awards and ra英语四级ised more than $800,000. The party accepts 150,000 yuan of donation income (including named and co-organized donews可数吗nation income). Under the witness of all guests and lion friends, 13 service teams, including Tai ‘an Service Team, Blue Sky Service Team and Tiande Service Teacrystal是什么意思m, were among the 2013-2014 pled樱花ges & LDquo;crystallography China lion prize & throughout; Top ten teams; Wu Xiaoming, Su Zeran, Lin Ziyu and other 17 lion friends were am鹰掠九天ong the donors. China lion prize & throughout; Top 10 in total. All 39 lion friends of Tai ‘an Service team pledged to d旮旯怎么读onate. China lion prize & throughout; , 46 were pledged and awarded. 1love直播软件安卓下载00% Huashi Award & RDquo; .  
    &nbspnightalk;  gala是什么意思On the party, people from all walks of life entcharity怎么读husiastically donew怎么读nate money and love. There was a cyearlyharity auction of calligraphy and painting works, collections and other items donated by lion friends and caring people. The auction site is extremely hot, loving people frequentgalaxyly move, competingcharity for the card. The live auction raisyear翻译ed 2,098 million yuan. Mnews可数吗any people stopped by the bazaar and enthusiastically bought the items donated by lion Friends. Everyone says: nyearlyo matter how small the strength is also a kind of support! The charity sale raised more than 10,000 yuyearcon是什么牌子的an. Those who fayearlyiled to win the auction carefully filled鹰掠九天 in the donation card, hoping to contribute tonewspaper theyearcon是什么牌子的 charity service projeyear翻译ct of Shenzhen Lions Club.
        Ms. Liu Lian, chalove is gone英文翻译irman of Shenzhen Crystal Ying Beauty Club, was awarded for her outstanding performance in the charity evening. Charcharity形容词ity Star & RDquo; Prize, sold for $18crystaldiskinfo下载6,000. This year, shijie Zhou Ting, chairman of the secnight软件下载链接ond district, won the first place in the auction ayear是什么意思mount of all previous evening parties,lovealarm with an auction amount of 377,000 yuan. Tai ‘an service team, the main meeting service team, the first step service team, mileage seyingrvice team, sandwell service team in this evening evening a英语四级报名官网入口uction cumulative ranklove直播破解版ing of the toyearnp five. Representativescrystaldiskinfo下载 of 9 service teams, including Zhuhui, Yitcharity-mindedian, Tai ‘an, Chuandi, Fuai,love直播手机版app下载 Shangbu, Xiaotong, Diwalovely翻译ng and Xinxing, raised 9.45 million yuan of service funds for next year.
       The gala raised more than 14.1 million yuan. The proceeds will be used for the charity service projecrystallizects of the Shenzhen Lions Club.charity翻译
       Over the years, Shenzhen Lions Club has been adhering to the We scharity-mindederve ” Under the care and guidancgalaxy什么意思e of the Domestic Disabled Persons’ Federation, the Domestic Lions association and the shenzhen municipal governyearcon是什么牌子的mentnight怎么读, the municipal civil affairs, the Municipacrystaldiskinfo下载l Disa英语四级报名官网入口bled persons’ Federation, Independent operation, independent crlove最新版官方下载eation ” To actively participate in public welfare and charitable activities in disaster re英语四六级官网lief, poverty alleviation, health and medical carelove is gone英文翻译, education, rehabilcharity的动词itation of the disabled, environmental protection, community services and other fields. More than 6,000 service activities have been carriedying out, with anew是什么意思n investment of about 1crystal是什么意思70 million yuan. Among them: more than 18,000 cases of free cataract surgery for poor patients, disaster relief and reconstruction donations of more tlovehan 70 million yuan, donations of more than 10 million yuan for the disabled and orphans, the construction of more than 40 lion schools, benefiting 40 million people.



By Zha樱花动漫官网ng Li-chen & NBSP;

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