More than 3,000 blood donation heroes honored (source: Shenzhen Evening News A02)

More than 3,000 blood donors honored.

            Shenzhen Evening News (Repheroes第一季在线播放orter Zhou Qian, correspondent Sun Jing) Reporter learned yesterday from the city blood center, the current O red blood cell inventory is lesdonation动词形式s, please timely pay attentiodonation是什么意思英语n to the official website and offi魔人布欧cial weibo daily blood donation public opinion; O type apheresis plateleheroes游戏t inventory is alsdonation动词形式o less, welcome to call 83252122 booking.

            It is understood that in 2010~2011,bloodmallet the city has a total odonation什么意思f 3017 unpaid blood donors and volunteers obtainsource翻译ed the national & LDquo; Donationsource翻译 award for blood Donation & RDQUO; , & other Free Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donation Award & RDthanks是什么意思英语QUO; , & other Shenzhen City blood donation 50 times and 100 timessource命令 merit Award & RDquo; Such as rewardmore. The list odonationsf winners and more information has been publishedonation什么意思d on the official website of Shenzhen Blood Cthanenter, please checkdonation怎么读 it.

  &donationsnbsp;         “ Red action ” The blood drive is still underway. Last week, the Shblood翻译enzhen Lions Club Maheroes3ngrove Bay Service team and mile Servbloodc剧情介绍ice Team held a blood donatiothan后面加什么n campaign at Phoenix Building and Liyuebloody Food Company respectively, and a tomore thantal of 377 peopldonation什么意思e donated bmoreoverlood. In the com深圳疫情最新消息ing week, the Lions Youth Club and Departure Clbloodborneub will also hold a blood donation drive. In addition, the Jinguanghua bdonation动词形式lood donation car will provide normal blood donatiheroes3on service on The 19th, and the Dongmen Culture Square blood donation car will provide ndonation动词ormal sethan后面加什么rvice from the 18th to the 19thanks什么意思th. Haiya blood donation vehicle will be suspended from 17th to 19th, while Lianhuashadonations怎么读n blood donation vehicle will be suspendedmore from 18th. Pleas深圳市最新疫情e understand any inconveniencdonation是什么意思英语e caused.

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