Their blood is hotter and their blood is thicker (source: Shenzhen Evening News 07 edition)

Their blood is hotter and their free blood is thicker

            Shenzhen Evening News (reporter深圳市最新疫情 Zhou Qian correspondentblood什么意思 Sun Jingwen) the city’s accumulated unpaid blood donation 100 times athicker什么意思nd more than the individual has reached 90 people, unpaid blood donation has reached 8000ml of the individual has 716 people. This is the reporter yesterday from shenzhen 10th session of free blood donation commendation conference was informed.

 news           It is reported that Shenzhen took the lead in carryisourceng out blood donation without compensation in China in 1993.newspapers什么意思 Up to now, There have been 2.47 million people participating in blood深圳疫情最新消息 donation withoutnews是可数名词吗 compensation, donating 494 tons of blood, and saving about 820,000 people for sick and injured patients. Last year (2013), 238,000 peosourcedple participated in voluntary blood donation, collecting 34.39 tons of whole blood, up 6.4% year on year. Platelet collectiotheir怎么读n machine collected 16,587 units, a year-on-year increase of 10.5%. In m深圳市最新疫情ost cities across the country. Blood shortages & throughout; For 16 consecutibloodmalletve years, the unpaid blood donation in She深圳大学nzhen has been 100% satisfied wittheirselvesh clinical blood use, effect深圳疫情ively protecting people’s life safety. This benefits from the active participation of the vast number of unpaid blood donors and vnewsmth水木社区olunteer worsourcetree怎么使用kers, as welnewsletterl as the sbloodytrong support of enterprises, institsourcetree怎么使用utions, schools and socialevening groups that are entevening是从几点到几点husiastic about ththeirselvese cause of unpaid blood donation.

            In the tenth session of the commendation conference of blood donation yesterday, thevening翻译中文e city health and Family Planning Commission unitetheir是宾格还是主格d with the City Red Cross won the nationalbloodmallet award for our city. Blood donation bonus, Silver and bronze award & RDquo; And & other Freeevening英语怎么读 Hhotter中文意思ematopoietic Stem Cell Donation Award & RDQUO; And other awards to Ai Jinhua as the representative of 2728 unpaid blood donors totheir怎么读英语单词 com深圳风险等级mend. At the same timethicker, the second batch of 230 unpaid blood donors, including Fang Zhenhui心脏hotter, who donathicker什么意思ted blood 50 times or more in our city. Shenzhen City unpaid blood donation award for 50 times & RDQUO; ; The second batch was awarded to 59 unpaid blood donors including Qiu Qtheir是宾格还是主格inzong who donated blood 100 times or more in Zhuhai. Shenzhen Hundred Times Unpaid Blood Donation Meritorioevening英语怎么读us Award & RDQUO; ; 13 units awarded to shtheir怎么读语音enzhen Lions Club, etc. Shenzhen Advanhotter心脏仪器ced Unit of Donation Promotion Award & RDQUO; ; 60 units awarded to Shenzhen Bus Grotheirup Co., LTD. Shenzhen Ad深圳地铁线路图vancbloodyed Collective of Voluntary Blood Donation & RDQUO; .

      &nbevening前面用in还是onsp;     It is reported that the clinbloodborneical use of blood in our city increases by 8~10% every year, and the cause of blood donation is still facing severe challenges. This year, the city bloodevening前面用什么介词 center will promote the establishment of dongmen fixtheir怎么读英语单词edblood blood donation house and Nanshan Xili blood donation point, scientific planning of blood dotheirnatbloodborneion深圳疫情 network, continue to carry out street blood donation as the main collective blood d深圳疫情onation supplemented by blblood什么意思ooblood翻译d collection strategy, improve the blood emerge深圳市最新疫情ncyshenzhen security system, improve bblood什么意思lood secusource引擎rity asource insightnd emergency blood collection capacity. At the same time, a new informnewsation service platform for blood donation service will be built, and wnewsletterechat public platform service functions will be built to promote the inewsprintnformation service of blood donation to a new level.

  &newsletternbsp;         Their blood is hotter and their blood is thitheir怎么读cker

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