More than 100 cataract patients regained sight (source: Shenzhen Evening News B13 edition)

More than 100 cataract patients have regained their sight

        &nbsource insightsp;   Shenzhen evening news (reporter Wang xiaofang correspondent Willows. Lion Pan Zhipin深圳市最新疫情g articthanks是什么意思英语le/more是什么意思译photo) recently, shenzhen shenzhen bay service joint such as service, hand in hand and dongguan city, the third people’s hospital of ophthalmregained翻译ology of experts, arrivedmore翻译 in heyuanpatients是什么意思 city, before the Po town people’sthan后面加什么 hospital, to local free surgery surgery patienremained翻译ts, more than 100 cataract patients t深圳疫情最新动态o light.

            In the local cataract patients to send light at the same time, caring lion friends did not forget to pu qian nursing home tsightseeing怎么读o comfort the elderly, for the nursing home f深圳风险等级or the poor elderly rice, fruit, meat and other goods worth more thanregained意思 3,000 yuan, and communicate with thsightlye elderly, inquired about their living conditions.

   source的中文意思         “ Thank you so much. I hsightlyaven’t seen out of my left eye in a long time. . After coming out from the operating room, finished the operation of Uncle Zhang is very excited.

  &nbsightseeing怎么读sp;       &nbremainedsp; It is reported that the & LDquo; Lion love Yang good, warm fesource的中文意思eling before ” The public welfare activities of “Gsource引擎uangming Action” were warmly welmore的原级cosourcetree怎么使用med by the local amoreuthorities and people. The patients and their families at the operat深圳天气ion site kept expressing their gratitude to the lion friends.

          &nbsmoreoverp; The director of the Lions Club shenzhensource车上按键什么意思 Bay Service team said that the charity activities will continue tsources是什么文件夹o provide free treatment for csightataract patients in Puqian Town, Heyu默认网关an City, so that more patients can see again.

&nbspthanks什么意思;         &nbspsource命令; Cataract surgery is simple, but many poor patients living in remote areas still live in the dark, often because they do not have surgical equipment or cannot afford surgery. At the shenzhen baysource车上按键什么意思 lighsourcedt line service lion friend tells a reporter, lions hosource insightpe that through thimore是什么意思译s public welfare activities, lead more public welfare organizations donate compassion socipatients是什么意思英语ety, the social vulnerable groups out of the hand of love, driving more loving people into love blind, blind love in action, let more sight tothank people with catacataractracts, feel the colorful world.

Service volunt深圳大学eers prepare patients for surgery in the operating room

The patient is waiting fosource是什么意思r the eye pack to be removed amore翻译fter surgery


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