Shenzhen Lions High-tech Service team held the changing ceremony

Shenzhen Lions High-tech Service team held the changing ceremony

            Onceremony用什么介词 the afternoon of July 7th, 2012, the 2012 Shehighnzhservice是什么故障灯en-Heyuan Peace Charity Education Activity and the inauguration ceremony of the 2012-2013 Council mchanging是什么意思英语embers of Shenzhen Lions Club Highlion是什么意思-tech Service Team was successfully held in The Heaven and Earth Hotel, Heping County, Heyuan City.ceremony的名词
  &highlightnbsp;         2012-2013 Hi-tech Service Team Council members took office: 2012-2013 President: Liu Kainentechnicalg, & NBSP;       &nhigh是什么意思bsp; &team是什么意思翻译nbsp;         The first vice Plions的音标resident: Deng Yi, the seconhigh是什么意思d vice President: Liang Hongjie, the thirdteam vice President: Zhang Shengxing, secretary: Li Hua, Si & NBSP; Gu: Shao Jun, Picket: Liang Jingping, Directors: Luo Lidan, Lin Thigh的名词ao, Wei Chengqing, BI Yongtao, Zhang Baoqing, Wu Fang, Yao Xiaoming.
  &nbsplionsgate;         At the meeting, Mr. Lu Quanshelions是什么意思ng, the last president, Mr. Wei Chengqing, the secretary, and Mr. Shao Junshi, the treasurer, respectively sserviceableummarized the activities and financial conditions of the High-tech Serviteams会议ce Tealions读音m from 2011 to 2012. Mr. Liu Kaineng, the new president, read the 2012-2013 work plahightn of high-tech Servichighte Team.
            At the meetinceremony的名词g, the former pchanging怎么读英语resident Lu Quanshengtechno presented the award to the current pre深圳疫情最新动态sident Liu Kaineng. Sichuan Hongya Charceremony造句ity Bright Action & RDQUO; Theservice的名词 long march. Sister Li Huchanging用英语怎么说a shi and Brother Wei Chengqing Shi iserviceablentroduced the preparation of Sichchanginguan Hongya Charity Bright Action atservice是什么意思 the meeting, and raised money for Hongya Charity Bright Action on the spot.

Mr. Liu Kaineng, 2012-2013 president of Shenzhen Lions Cchangingroomvoyeurlub High-tech Service Team, delivered 2012-2013 work plan report

Article/深圳市最新疫情picture contributed byceremony和celebration的区别 high-tech service team


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