Lions club blood donation without compensation

            A car parked in Silver Lake yesterday alions读音fternowithout是介词吗on. The lion ncompensation可数吗umber & thclub是什么酒roughout; The China-Pakistan Blood donation cart is partlionsgateicularly eye-catching. This is the first time that the donation cart by the Lions Club of Shenzhen has been used. Silver Lake wabloodbornes chosen because the Lions Nature, Choi Tin and Bagua Ling service teams heldonation是什么意思英语d their changing meetings here. Lionwithout是什么意思s club members stepped onto the blood donation cart to donate blood. The picture shows the staff of Silver Lake Kunji Food Ccompensation可数吗ity joining the ranks of voluntary blood donation under the infection of lions Club.

Photo by Shenzhen Evclubman是什么牌子车ening News special cclubmed官网预订orrespondent Weilionsgate Jiancheng


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