Shenzhen Lions Club held a heart-warming visit for lion lovers

Shenzhen Lions Club held a heartwarming visit for lion lovers

    &nbspvisit怎么读;       On August 19, 2012,visit名词 the lions Club of Shenzhen helion的中文意思ld a wlions怎么读arm heart visit activity in the mlionsgateulti-function hall of shenzhen Lions Club office. Shenzhen Su Zeraheartbeatn liowarming什么意思ns club directorloverslab, chief financial officer Li Yuehua, deputy secretary-general takasheartworku, chairman of the firloversst partition ShiJiavisit名词nYong, chairman of the second partition Feng Qijialionsng, tutor team leader wang cheng and three partitionlover是什么意思英语s service’visit的过去式s深圳风险等级 President, v深圳地铁线路图ice President of tclubmanhe first, second dheld是hold的什么形式eputy chairman,lions vice chairman of the third, secrclubmanetarial, financial and other 36 people took part in the activity.
            The event was hosted by Executive Deputy secretaclub是什么酒ry General Gao Zhou. Mheart什么意思英语r. Su Zeran, director of Lions Club shenzhen, exclubmed官网预订pressed his appwarming什么意思reciation for the participation of lions club members and said thwarming upat this year’s Lions Club shenzhen has wheldenon the “swarmingldquo; Lheldenion Friend Warm Heart Prlions怎么读oject & RDQUO; As one of the five key projects, we hope to create a lions club liklionse home for lion friends through the heart-warming project. “ Livisit什么意思on Friendly Warm Heart Visit & RDQUO; It is & other; Lion Friend Warm Heartwarming Project & RDQUO; The important content of today’s district meeting called for zoning, service team discussion, pass district meeting & LDquo; Wlionsarm Heart Visit & RDQvisit的过去式UO; To collect the needs and suggestions of the lion friends of the service team. Next, each service team should also visitlions英语怎么读 the lion friends and the lion friends ofheart the enterprise and other forms, go to the livisit翻译on friends深圳风险等级, care about the lion friends, and enhance the mutual undloverserstanding and communication of the lion friends. He said that we must carry out this activity carefully,shenzhen to understand what lion frielover是什么意思英语nds want, what will warm thclubmede heart work to the end, so that lion friends wheldbackill be more united, the cohesion of Shenzhen Lions club will be stronger.
  &nheld的中文意思bsp;         Li Yuehua, chief financial officer, called on everylionone toheartbreaking do this activity, and the lion friends as family, as relatives!
            At the meetinvisit翻译g, the participants expressed their opinions and putvisiting flovers’prattle翻译orward a lot oheart什么意思英语f good opinions and suggestions. Everyone said that this activwarming英语怎么读ity is not onlwarmingy warm, but also can promote the friendship between the lion friendsheld是hold的什么形式, so that the lion frienwarming英语怎么读ds have a sense of be深圳longing, and will definitely promote this activity. It has been starlionted. Lion Friendly Warm Heart Visit & RDQUO; The mileage service team also introduced their experience and experience.

Photo by Zhang Lichwarming什么意思en


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