Great love to help students without borders

— Organization of Shenzhen Broadcasting Group & LDquo; Leizhou Gaolang Village edstudents‘unionucation and parwithout后面加什么ent-child education line & RDquo;
Great lohelplessve to help studentgreats without borders

            Zhanjiang News: On August 25, 6 days before the new semester officially began, Gaolalove直播软件安卓下载ng Primary School in Nantou Town of Leizhou was bustling. Shenzhen Gaolang Primary School student fun Trip ” In the school, 21 loving parents, children and businessmen fromgreat different families in Shenzhen spread their love to the teachers and students of the school.

Everyone took a group photo at Gaolang Primary School in Nanxing Town

            On the morning of the same day,greathiddencam in shenzhelpful是什么意思hen binhe serviclove直直播appe xiao-wei sun chairman of shenzhen lionstudents是三单吗s led into trade co., LTD. Managergreat-elec jun-ping xu, domestic coastallovely翻译 city sub-branch, minsheng bborder赎罪在线ank shenzhen Astudents的中文nBangYong, and shenzhen, including his lover, sevehelp的用法n 14 love parents, love children, and four, head of thborders是什么意思e love, all the way to Gao Lang primary schoborderstyle是什么意思ol together, Carry out a very meborder赎罪在线aningful & LDquo; Educational Aid and Parent-child Educatstudents’dormitory翻译ion Action & RDQUO; . In the school, Presidenstudents是三单吗t Sun Xiaowei and his delegation carefully inspected the construction of the school, inquired about the difficulties encountered in the current construction of the school, and learned about the learning and living costudents是三单吗nditions of children from poor families. Through introducing and listen to the ohelpingn-site viswithout是介词吗it, understand the students the clagreatlyssroom, the teacher dormitory power lines travel-weary, library lacks a bookcase and other supporting facilities, preschoolborderstyle是什么意思 education activity outdoor equipment is more urgent, xiao-wstudents是单数还是复数ei sun President promptlstudents翻译y, hope school will make budget, domestic coastal city of shenzhwithout后面加什么en branch of bank of the people’s livelihood will raise funwithout是介词吗ds to support, To suppostudentsrt Gaolang Primary School to complete two construction projects, create a good teaching enviwithoutronment fohelp的用法r teachers and students, and make a contribution to poverty alleviation through education. At the same time, 7 children from Shenzhen halovely翻译d a face-to-face conversation with children frgreat是什么意思om poor families ihelpful是什么意思n rural arealoves, holding hands to make friends, which opened the prelude for children to interact with each other and grow up healthily together.

Gaolang village committee preshelp怎么读ented the banner table to shenzhen Lions Riverside Service Team, Jinhe Trading Company anwithout是什么意思d Domestic Minsheng Yinshengreat比较级和最高级怎么写g Coastal City branch

          &love is gone英文翻译nbsp; It is undersborderstood that this activity by shenzhen radio, figreat比较级lm and television glovealarmroupborderstyle是什么意思, shenzhen lions rhelplessiverside minsheng bank service and domestic coastal city of shenzhen brancstudents的中文h, shenzhen into trade co., LTD., jointly hosted, into the companies sent a notebook, pens, information board, ghelpfulouachebgreatnessrush learning stationeryhelp怎么读 such as more than 10 kinds of a total of 200 sets, as well as football, volleyball, table teborder属性nniswithout翻译 and other sports goods of a batch of, The total valuehelp的用法 is more than 30,000 yuan.without是什么意思

            That day, they also through the forest slope, came to Shenzhen Radio and Television Group to hloveelp gaolanghelping village committee founded 121 aborderstyle是什么意思cres oborder赎罪在线f poverty alleviation & LDborder属性quo; Dhelp怎么读ouble to & thstudents’unionroughout; Planting demonstration bastudents’unionse to learn the production situation of banana, pitaya and pineapple on site; He walked through the vigreat翻译llages and lanes to visit 2 families who were living in thatched hstudentsouses and sent them thegreat是什么意思 warm care of the special zone’s loving people.

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