The first board meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen was held successfully in 2012-2013

The first board meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen was held successfully in 2012-2013

    &nmeetingsbsp;       From August 25 to 26, 2012, the first board meeting of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2012-2013 was held in thboard和broad怎么区分e conference room of Guanlan Landsc深圳风险等级ape Pclub翻译astoral Village.successfully造句 The participantslion是什么意思中文翻译 included 25 directors, including director Su Zeran, former director Zheng Degang, first deputy Director Wu Xiaoming, second depufirst翻译成中文ty Director Lin Ziyu, secretary General Zhanwash怎么读g Xiaowei, vice president zhang Guojun, finance director Xiao Xingping, Fivuphelde advisors, including Brother Li Wenqiu, Brother Chen Shaohua, Sistlions是什么意思er Lin Tao, brotherlions读音 Zhong Yunshi and Brother Xia Huafirst nameyi, attended the council.

        &nbfirsthandsp;   The meetiwasteng was chaired by Secretary General Zhang Xiaowei and Chai深证指数rman Shi Jianyong. The conference deliberated and approved four propomeetingsboard是什么意思als, including 2012-2013 Work Plan and Annual Activity Outline, 2012-201club翻译3 Budget of Administrative Funds and Service Funheldbackds, Implementation Plan of Caring for Lions of Shenzhen, andfirst是什么意思 Budget Of Lion Club Funds. And reporting, managing director of the division of work “, “the council and commission activities fee swasptandards深圳地铁线路图 and coheldnfiscate the situation”, “each division dues seized, the member development situation and the measures for the recognition, the membership development and retention of the target and methodclub是什么酒, the new development of the recent situation and advance work arrangement, and the inlions怎么读auguration will salute and settlement situation, the domesticfirst翻译成中文 lion federation & other; Micro love Starfirst翻译成中文 Start tolions是什么意思morrow & RDquo; 100 schools donation Activity, summary of half-year work of Low visiomeeting的音标n Projlion是什么意思中文翻译ect, Low vision Project fee management system, auxiliary equipment rental system and other matters. The meetmeeting是什么意思ing also dwaspiscussed issues such as the revision of the constitution of Shenzh深圳地铁线路图en Lions Club, the Lotus Mountain Laurel Garden, the Red Lion Clothing station for the disabled, the one-childclubmed family program and the hosting ofclub the eiboardghth Natio深圳地铁线路图nal Membership Congress of The Domestic Lioheld中文ns Club. Executive Deputy Secretary General of Gaozhou explained the work plan of each committee for 2shenzhen012-2013 to all participants, and the chairmen of each disclubman是什么牌子车tricwassupt reported the work plan of each district for 2012-2held的原型013 respsuccessfullyectively and had a heated discusswash怎么读ion.

            At the meeting, all the council members expressed their opinions in a very warm atmosphere, and all of thclubmed官网预订em said that they would cooperate with the Dsuccessfully是什么意思irector and the Council to do thboard的中文意思eir own work well and complete the tasks assigned by the director in 2012-2013.

           upheld Domestic lion federation vice-chairman Zhang Guojun convey the spirit of the domest深圳地铁线路图ic lion federation in the meeting, and praised the shenzhen lions 11 years to the stable development of members and the service, the director of Su Zeran the contentwashingtons of the five priorities inwasp the New Year highly, and encourage theclubman shenzhen lions, articles of association and the govmeetingernance strucfirst nameture of the system in a deepwasteer exploration.

&firstlynbsp;       &nbsuccessfully patched是什么意思sp;   Director Su Zeran expressed hismeetingtencentcom gratitude to the council members, guests and mentors who attended the meeting, encoclub翻译uraged the district chairmen to conscientiously implement thboard翻译e work of d深圳风险等级eveloping members, promoting services and standardizing the affairs of the meetwasping, and put forward suggestions to the district chairmen on how to better manage the service teams under their control.

            The meeting concluded successfully in a solemn and relaxed atmosphere, which represents confidence in the successful completion of the wofirst怎么读rk of 2012-2013.

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