Service standard of “Red Lion Clothing · Disabled Station” and notice of soliciting pair Assistance Service team

Shenzhen Lions Club & LDquo; Red lionClothing & middot;Assistive standing throughout the &; Service standards

And theredis solicitation of pairwise assistance teams



Each service:

“ Red lion suit & middot; Assistive standing throughout the &; Shenlionzheservice怎么读n Disabled Persons’ Federation and Shenzhen Lions Clion是什么意思lub sstandardisedet up a community servicstation翻译e project for the disastandard怎么读bled,To promote the influence of linotice翻译ons club in the community, the Lions Clubdisabled电脑启动项 of Shenzhen20122013The alion复数nnual & other; Red lion suit &station什么意思 middot; Assistive standing throughout the &; Promote as a brand pstation和stop的区别与用法roject.

2012-2013.station用英语怎么说This year, the Shenzhen Lions Club will be established56A & other; Red lion suit & mistation翻译ddot; Assistservice翻译ive staservice是什么意思中文翻译nding throughout the &;,The service team provides one-to-one appointed servicesstandardization and all-round cooperation with tservice和serve的区别he Community rehablions英语怎么读ilitation Center of the Municipal Federation of Disabled Persons. It not only provinotice同义词des material assclothing翻译istance, but also provides psychological counseling and rehabilitation training for the disabled (inclred怎么读uding rehabilitation traclothing是什么意思英语ining for the disabled under the Shenzhen Lions Club’s low visionlion的音标 project).

Service activities for specifications,Servred怎么读ice quality assurance,The following service standards are formulated,All in hand & other; Red lion suit & middot; Assstation用英语怎么说istdisabled怎么读ive standing throuservice怎么读ghout the &; The service teams of Shenzhen Lions Club should meet the following service requiredisabled电脑启动项ments and work contentdisabled造句s:

A,  Oclothing翻译rganizaticlothing是什么意思英语onal struclothing怎么读英语cture and manageclothing是什么意思英语ment requirements:

1.          The second Deputy Directordisabled造句简单 of Lions Club shenzhen is the main person in charge of this project, and the Community Service Activity Committee and the Disability Committee are the guidancenotice是什么意思 and follow-up departments onotice同义词f this project.

2.  &nbsdisabled电脑启动项p;       The currentservice和serve的区别 presidents of each service team shall be ex officio. Red lion suidisabled电脑t & miredmiddot; Assistive standing throughout the &; Stationmaredundantster, first vice president of course. Red lilion怎么读on suit & miservice是什么意思ddot; Assistive standing throughout the &; Vice adsense.

3.          The service team that has been listed wiservice是什么意思th the community and is reclothing是单数还是复数ady to be listed should be established full-time & LDquostation怎么读; Red lionstation是什么意思英语 suilions英语怎么读t & middot; Assistandardizationstive standing throughout the &; The working committee may designate a lion frlion的音标iend as the daily contact person of the team.

4.          Before and after each servicenotice是什么意思 astation的音标ctivity, each service team shall submit the service plan and service resultsstandard怎么读 report to the disnotice的形容词trict committeclothing是什么意思英语e and the Colion怎么读mmunity Service Activity Committee and the Disabled Colion怎么读mmittee.

Second,  Service requirements:

1.  Each service team should submit to the district council at theservice的名词 beginning of edisabled是开启还是关闭ach year“ Red lion suit & midisabled的形容词ddot; Assistive standing throughservice是什么意思中文翻译out the &;Annual service plan (includingstandard activity project content, budget amount, etc.), organize at least two service activities or festival condolence forstandardization lion friends every year (condolence is suggested in Mid-Autumn festival, New Year or Spring Festival).

2.  Full attelionkkntion should be paid by each service team. Red lion suit & middot; Assistive stastation的音标nding throstation的音标ughout the &; To carry out and explore long-term sustainablestandardize projects, so as to provide continuous services and accumulate servicestandardise results.

3.  Each service team tries its best to provide service plans in accordance with the existing community and community disability projects of the Dserviceistrict Council (e.g., the shenzhen Lions Club’s low vision rehabilitation projecredt for the disabled in the community).

4.  The existing serviceservice是什么意思中文翻译 teams connected with communities shall be basenoticedd on actual conditions,As far as possible, the service fostandardcus should be adjusted to community rehabilitation centernotice是什么意思 related projectsnotice的形容词.

5.&service怎么读nbsp; If the service team is unable tolion复数 provide continuous service activities due to special circumstannotice的形容词ces,clothing怎么读英语 it shall submit a writtreduceen aplionelplicationclothing可数还是不可数 to the Commundisabled是开启还是关闭ity Service Activistation翻译ties Committee and thedisabled造句 Disabled Committee for coordinated solution. If the service team cannot operate nlion的音标ormally or is expelled from lilion是什么意思ons Club International due to its abnormal condition, the Community Service Activities Committee and the Disability Commitdisabled造句tee shservice是什么故障灯all arrange for the connection between the new service tstation什么意思eam and the disability station to establish a new service relationship.

Three,&clothing是单数还是复数nbsp; Project Proposals and Requirements:

1.    Accordiclothing.是什么意思ng tstandardizationo the specific situation ostandard和level区别f the OCdisabled电脑CUPATInotice同义词ONAL health centres slion是什么意思erved by the service teams, innovatistationaryve service activities (e.g. recreation, sports, psychological care talks, eservicebiotc.) are suggested.

2.  &nbsstationaryp; Each service team should coreduceoperate with the OSH center to meet other service requirements of the community rehabilitation center as far as possible.

3.disabled的形容词    The projects of each servicstandardizee team should consider providing (creating) opportunities for persons with disabilities to rstandard是什么意思中文翻译eflect their valredmiue to society.

4.    It is hoped that the service teams will spread lion cultureservice是什么意思中文翻译 through service activities and reflclothing怎么读英语ect it. We serve ” Let the cclothing和clothes区别ommunity pay attention to and henoticelp the disabledlion的音标 around the community.

Four,  Evaluation and reward

Shenzhen Lions Club will set up a year-end evaluation and award for this project. The evaluation process and basis are: each service team will do a self-evaluation of the projects they serve in the year, which will be evaluated by the occupational health center they serve, and then reported to the community service Activity Committee and the Disabled Committee for comprehensive evaluation and restation和stop的区别与用法commendation, and participate in the selection of the district council’s annual exceclothingllent service project award,The evredaluation resultdisabled怎么读 will also serve as one of theclothing翻译 reference conditions for the annual comprehensive commendation and evaluation of thestation和stop的区别与用法 service team by Shenzhen Lions Club.
  &nbsplionel; Five,  List of Shenzhen Lions Club Pairs Street Occupatinotice作文onserviceal Health Centre

existing56Need to help occupational health center, among them, has a service tenoticeableam docking32Onestandard和level区别, the undocked one24The list is as f热点ollows (red fonts are newly identified service teams, unlidisabled怎么读sted ones) :

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The serial number Street Job Health Centservice翻译er Shenzhen Lions Club (Occupational Health Servicdisabled造句简单e Team)
Belongs to Name of the entity The contact The name of theservice是什么故障灯 teamreduce The condisabled怎么读tact
1notice用法 The municipal Minai Comprehensilion怎么读ve Service Center for the Disabled Yan home.some Bagua Ridge Service Teamservice是什么意思 Zheng alloy
2 Futstandard和level区别ian district Fubao Street Occupational Health Center Song-redmi是什么手机tao zhang Lianhua Hill Service Team Huang Xiuhai
3 Futnotice过去式ian Street Zhikang Clion的中文意思enter Tang Xiaoyu Land Service team Why to pay such as
4 Huafu Street Offclothing可数吗ice Health Center Bao-zhonclothingg sun Xili Service Team Zhang Lin
5 Lotus Street Ofdisabled的形容词fice Health Center Chen Bei qing Mileage servicreductione team Chinese-speaking nut
6 Meilred是什么意思in Street Job Hong Centre Jian-rong zhao Silver Lake Service Team Zhang Tengfang
7 South Park Stdisabled的形容词reet Job health Center Lv Huimin Datong Service Team kit
8 Sha Tau Street Job Hong Centre Luo Yifenlion的中文意思g Joint service team HongZhiMin
9 Xiangmi Lake Street Job healtservice的名词h center 闫桥 bridge Futian Service Li Yuanhui
10 Job health Centre, Round Ridgeservice翻译 Street XianPeiZhen Lilreducey Service Hui-ling zheng