Joint changing ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club Shun Hing Service Team and Oriental Rose Service Team

Joint changing ceremony of Shenzhen Lions Club Shun Hing Service Team and Oriental Rose Service Team

            On July 28, 2012, the joint ch深证指数anging ceremony of Shenzhenceremony是什么意思 Lions Cljointsub Xinxing S深圳大学ervice Team and Oriental Rose Service Team was heldchanging是什么意思英语 in Futian Hall, 4th floor of Xinzhou Riverside People’s Building. Shenzhenchanging是什么意思 lions in 2012顺丰速运单号查询-2013 director Su Zeran lionlions读音 brother, firschanging怎么读t deputy director wu xm lions, brother, second deputy dilions的音标rector Lin Ziyu lions, elder sister, district council members and the service, Oriental rose GFS and shun hinchanging是什么意思g service alliance friendly serviceteam: South Korea comet lclubman是什么牌子车ijoint造句ons and liservice的名词on in shaanxi’s liteam是什么意思翻译ons pioneelions读音r service joint transition to attend this ceremonyjoint venture.

        &nbspjoint是什么意思;   Under the witnchanging怎么读英语ess of Su Zerceremonyan, Wu Xiaoming and Lin Ziyu, the twteamso service teams completed the handover ceremony. At the ceremony, Brother Zhao Wei, president of The 2011-2012service是什么意思中文翻译 Xinxing Service Team, and Brother Xteam什么意思u Heyong, President of the Oriental Rose Service Team respectivelyceremony造句 reporceremony用什么介词ted the lion wceremony的名词ork and financial situation of the 2011-2012 year to t属牛的今年多大he participating lion friends. In 2012-2013, Su Hongying, presidenceremony是什么意思t of Xinxing Service深圳地铁线路图 Team, and Dai Jihong, president of Oriental Rose Service Team, respectiservice翻译vclub怎么读ely planned and prospected the work priorities and charity projectsjoint effort of the two service teams in the New Year.

      &ceremony造句nbsp;     Director Su Zeran gave full recognition to the work of the two serviservice是什么故障灯ce teams, and hoped that the lion friends of the two service teams would inherit the lion spirit under the leadeclub是什么酒rship of this year’s president. Unity and prclub翻译agmatic, innovative development & RDquo; , create more achievements!

              At the ceremony of changing the庶女攻略 leadership,jointly the lion friends are happy and happy to express their love for the lion and look forward to the coming year with full confidence. Let’s look forward to顺丰查询 a happy harvest and fruitful New Year tchangingogether!

Article/photo & have spent Suh Hung ying, Shun Hing Service Teateams手机版m

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