Written proposal on supporting earthquake relief in Zhaotong, Yunnan

Written proposal on supporting earthquake relief in Zhaotong, Yunnan

        &nrelief形容词bsp;   A 5.7-magnitude earthquake struck at 11:19 am Beijing time On Sept. 7, 2012, at the border of Yiliang County in Zhaotong City of Yunnan province and Weiningearthquakes Yi and Hui and Miao autonomous counties in Brelief和relieve区别ijie prefecture of Guizhou Proearthquake翻译vince. Thproposal什么意思e epicenter was 14 kilometers deep, according to the local seismic network. At 12:16 a.m., another 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit, with the epicenter of the two earthquakes about云南白药 10 kilomerelief和relieve区别ters apart. As the population density of the earthquake-striearthquakescken area is 205 people per square kilometer, which is twice the averasupporting什么意思ge population density of Yunnan Province, it has caused heavy cassupportingualties and hurelief怎么读ge property losses. More than 700,000 people have been affected by the disaster, 64 people have been killed, more云南疫情 than 100,000 people hproposal用法ave been evacuated, anproposal翻译d tranearthquakesportation and power have been cut off in some areas.
  &nbspwritten是什么意思英语; &nbearthquakes翻译sp;       The earthquake is a double earthquake ovrelief和relieve区别erlapping, aftershocks continue. The eproposal写作格式arthquake-strickenproposal造句 area is located in a云南农业大学 mountainous arelief用法及搭配rea with a high altitude. It is also a poor area where ethnic minorities learthquakeive in compact communities. The difficulty of relief work cannearthquakeot be underestimated.
        &earthquakes翻译nbsp;   Here, shenzhen L昭通学院教务系统登录ions club all lion friends to the disaster area compatriot昭通是哪个省的城市s express deep sympathy! At the samwritteninthestars什么意思e time, yunnan Yiliang county earthquake relief work urgent, Shenzhen Lions club was immediately est云南ablished. Shenzhen Lions Club Yunnan Zhaotong Earthquake Relwritten是什么意思ief Committee & RDQUO; . At the same time, the initiative of the service teams and lion friends active action, let us carry forward & LDquo; One party is difficult, eight party support &rdquproposal造句o; Carry forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation. We serve ” Lion spirit, eproposal造句xtend a helping handwritten, dedication selfless love, geproposal用法nerous dproposal虚拟语气onations, ra昭通学院教务管理系统ise disaster relief materials, with prac昭通疫情tical action to supportwritten是什么意思英语 the affected people to restore normal production and lifearthquake怎么读e, the reconstruction of their homes to make a contribution.
   written怎么读         Donation Account number: 748458620854, account name: Shenzhen Lions Club, bank name: Shenzhen Citizen Center Sub-branch of Domestic Bank. Contact person: zhang qing, wang qin, tel: 25688960,25688561. Tips: Please fax the bankproposal什么意思 slip to: 25688900 after remittance, indicate your name or service team in the postscript & LDquo; Donate to Yunnaproposal是什么意思英语n earthquake Relief .
  &nbspwritten翻译;         Ifproposal什么意思 you are going to the disaster area, please contproposal是什么意思英语act the Yunnan Zhaotong Earthquake昭通 Relief昭通 Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club. Contact person云南: Zhan昭通是哪个省的城市g Zhihe (13809866177).
  &nbssupporting翻译p;   &nbsearthquake什么意思p;     I sincerely wish the people of yunnan Yiliang disearthquakes怎么读aster area an early victory in disasrelief和relieve区别ter relief work and an early reconstruction oproposal造句f their homes!

Shenzhen Lions Club
2012written怎么读-2013 Director: Su Zeran
September 8, 2012

Shen昭通zhrelief和relieve区别en Lions Club Yunnan Zhaotong Earthquake Relief Committee

Frame & have spent constitutivearthquakee


            Honorary Consultants: Wang Naikun, Liu Guopu, Zhang Guowritten是什么意思jun, Hua昭通学院教务系统登录ng Changwei, Dai Jianminreliefg, Chen Ya ‘an, Xiao Xingping
            Gu & have spent &nbsreliefp;   Q: Xie Jianwen, Wang Jinwritten怎么读音liang, Zhang Weixian, Sun Yun, Sha Haiyu, Dai Tongxin
    &nbrelief动词形式sp;       Lord & have spent     Mat: Su Zeran
&earthquakes怎么读nbsp;     &nbsp昭通学院教务系统登录;   &relief用法及搭配nbsp; Vice Chairmen: Zheng Degang, Wu Xiaoming, Lin Ziyu, Zhanwritten怎么读音g Xiaoproposal造句wei, Li Yuehua, Yu Qearthquakeian, Gao Zhou
              Executive Chairmen: Zhang Hongxiang, Xu Wenxiong, Peng Kun, Zhang Zhihe, Huang Cheng
 昭通学院教务系统登录           Secretary Genersupportingal: Zhang Xiaowei
  &云南大学nbsp;   &nbs昭通天气预报p; &nbspproposal造句;   System & have云南白药气雾剂 spenrelief动词形式t     Zhang Zhihe
      &nbspwritten怎么修复;     Organizing Committee members: Each mentor, each district chairman, each committee chairman and executive chairman, each service teearthquake是什么意思英语am president


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