“Fruit of the Harvest Award”, etc

About Lions Club of Shenzhen 2012-2013 & LDquo; Fruit of the Harvest award ” Etc

      &nfruit复数形式bsp;     In the 2012-2013 lions Clfruit是什么意思ub of Shenzhen, a large nuaward怎么读mber of service teams and district chairmen responded positively tfruit是什么意思o thaward的用法e collection of membership dues, which made unprecedented achievements in the collecawardstion oawardsf membership dues of Liaward是什么意思英语ons Club of Shenzhen.

&nbsetcp;           To promote & other; We serve ” The lion spiretc怎么充值it, set an example, to proawardsmote the Shenzhen Lions club to a new level, Shenzhen Lions club decided to award spring Breeze service team and other 38 service teams, 2 districts for & LDquo; Fruit of the Harvest award ” Awarded 13 service teams, including the main conference service team, with 1 divisifruit翻译on as &LDquo; Fruit of Abundance Award & Raward和reward区别Dquo; .

            Hope to obtain the glorious title of collective aaward翻译nd individual, cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, adhere to & LDquo; We serve ” Spirit, in the future of social public welfare undertakings to achieve greater achievements!

          &nbetc人工客服电话sp; Attachment:

            A, & haaward的用法和搭配ve spent “ Fruit of the Harvest aetcward ” winners

            Second, & have spent “ Fruit of Abundance Award & RDquo; winners

      &nbsetc怎么开发票p;     &netcbsp;           &naward和reward区别bspetc怎么开发票;     &nfruitbsp;                         &etcnbsp; &nfruitbsp;               &fruit怎么读nbsp; &nbspharvest是什么意思;  
          &nbaward是什么意思英语sp;                       &netc客服电话多少bsp;   &nharvest翻译bsp;    award翻译                 &nharvest翻译bsp;           &fruit怎么读nbsp;                 Shenzhetc办理哪个银行的好en Lions Club
          &netcbsp;                 &nfruit是可数名词吗bsp;       &nbsfruitlessp;         &nbharvest形容词sp; &nfruitbsp;                           September 15, 2012


   fruitful   &nbsfruitsp;     A, & have spent “ Fruiharvest是什么意思t of the Harvest award ” List of winners (in no particular order) :

            Spring breeze, mileage, is located in mangrharvest过去分词ove bay, depart, silver lake, joint, checkpoint, taian, datong, central district, ganten, shunetc怎么充值 hingetc怎么办理, Oriental rose, yitian, universal, caward的用法和搭配haetc怎么激活rity collection, earth mooring love, oct, shekou, hufruit怎么读nan, China, shenyang, China, PengCheng, red li, shajing, riverside, bagua ling, longhua, sea, wutong mountain, fairyaward lake, metc办理哪个银行的好atsuoka, pine torches, rainbow, baaward翻译oan, xixiang Fuyong, Division 2, Division 6

            Second, & have spent “ Fruit of Abundance Award & RDquo; List of winners (in no particular order) :

&nbsetc人工客服电话p;    fruit怎么读       Zhuhui, Wenjin, Linmao, Shangbetc怎么注销uharvest怎么读英语, Xiangshan, Mingren, Futian, Huaqiang, Bijia Mountain, Peace, Diwang, Bodhi, Zimeng, the 13th Division

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