Recruitment notice for Shenzhen Lions Club Public Welfare Culture Research Center

Recruitment notice for Shenzhen Lions Club Public Welfare Culture Research Center

Dear Lion friend,

  &nbspresearch可数名词还是不可数;         For enriching the connotation of the lion sportsclubs development in shenzhen, shenzhen lions club meeting anresearch复数d service activities on a new step, and enlarge the infnotice作文luence of service activities, to enhance the sustainability of service activities, shenzhen lions – 2012-2013 new professional team shenzhen lions public welfare culture research center, now for the lion recruitment researcher, research assistant.

 深圳疫情         &nbspwelfare是什么意思英语; Principle,
            Abide by the Conresearchstitution, laws, regulations and policies of the State, abide by the charter of Lions Clubs International,lions the Charter of Lions Clwelfare是什么意思ubs in China annotice用法d the charterresearch翻译 of Lions Clubs in Shenzhen, cultivate morclub是什么意思alnotice过去式ity, mobilize social forces and pay attention to the developmenotice的形容词nt of lions clubs; Based on Shenzhen, strengthen theoretical research, summarize the problems and experience in the development of lions club, and make suggestions for the developnotice作文ment of Lions Club; Carry forward the lionotice过去式n spirit and spread the lion conceptculture怎么读英语 thclubsrough organizing forums and salons; Improve the popularity and reputation of lions Club; By creating a new culture of public welfare, lions will promote independent innovation in public welfare and charity, extend the charity industry chain, and promote corporate social responsibilityresearcher安卓版.

            Recruitment of researchers and res深圳疫情最新消息earch assistants
  &nbsculturesp;     &nbsprecruitment怎么读;   There are 8-10 researchers and several assculturesiculture形容词stant researcher深圳风险等级s.

&nbswelfare是什么意思英语p;   &nbsplionsgate; &nbsresearchgatep;     Basic requirements fpublicizeor research Fellows and research assistants
           researcher The evaluation team comclub是什么酒posed of experts of the expert committee, the chairman of the research深圳疫情最新动态 c深圳天气enter and the executive chairman of the research center will conductwelfare怎么记忆 comprehensive evaluation and review of lion friends who apply forculture是可数名词还是不可数名词 joculture什么意思中文ining the research center according to thwelfare怎么读e employment sta深圳天气ndards and the relevant basic conditions, aresearchernd report to the standing Council of Lions Club of Shenzhen for approval and preparation. Thoslionse who pass the evalresearcher安卓版uation and verification wiclubmanll be awarded the certificate of researcher and assistant reslion是什么意思earcherrecruitment的意思 and famous brand byculture the director. It must meet thpublic是什么意思e followpublic怎么读ing conditions:
          &nbclub怎么读sp;recruitment翻译 1. Support the charter of Shenzhen Lions Club (as a member of Lions Club); Volunteer to join the Lions Club of Shenzhen Public Welfare Culture Research Center;
            2. Relepublic怎么读vant academic background in sresearchingocial development stu深圳风险等级dies, such as sociology, applied statistics, social work, public policy manashenzhengement, informatioclubman是什么牌子车n management, economics, or related social sciences;
            3. Have interest in public welfare and charresearcherity educclubmanation research, hlionsave certain tculture翻译heoretical research level, research ability and writing skills, and have achieved certain research results;
            4. Strong sense of enterprise, responsibility and teamwork; Good morapublicationl character, good communication sclub怎么读kills, affinity and oral presentation skills; Have a good reputation in the Lions club, sinwelfare是什么意思cere unity, willing to contribute, study hard, obey the overallculture shock situatilions是什么意思on.
  &nbspculture形容词;       &nbwelfare可数吗sp; 5. Broad vision, quick thinking, logical, clear, strong written expression ability; Strong learning ability; Information access channels.
      &nbnotice过去式sp; &n深圳市最新疫情bsp;   6. Qualification Requirements (must be met) :
     culture翻译   (1) Shenzhen Lions club members who have joined the club and held the position of president or above or have been lions for more than five years;
  &notice的形容词nbsp;     (2) the club is a normal service team;
&nbpublicsp; &nbsclubmedp; &nbsclubmedp;  lionsgate (3) Aspiring to lions club carculture翻译eer, have a good reputation and influence among lions friends.
 public是什么意思           7. Application Procedures:
        (1) Submit an application;
  &nbspwelfare是什么意思;     (2) Submit relevant research articles, ppublicizingapers or research reportslionsgate;
        (3) After evaluation and examination by the evaluation group, and reported to the standing Counlions翻译cil for approval;
        (4) Research深证指数 Certificate issued by the Direcwelfare是什么意思toresearch可数名词还是不可数r.
   notice的形容词   &publicitynbsp;  researcher安卓版   8. The Researcher shall fulfill the fol深证指数lowing obligations:
  &nbswelfare是什么意思英语p;     (1) Abide by the research Center system resolution, accept the research center chairman assigned work;
  &nlions读音bsp; &notice用法nbsp; &nbspnotice过去式; (2) Maintain the reputation and establish a good image of the researresearch可数名词还是不可数ch Center;
        (3) In-depth research, ensurpublic翻译ing that one rclub是什么酒esearch articlnotice过去式e, paper or report is completed every year;
        (4) Care about the healthy growth of the research center and improve its construction;
      &nbsclubmed官网预订p; (5) Complete all work of the rese深证指数arch center and partwelfare怎么记忆icipate in team activitipublic翻译es of the research Center.
               Iv. Registration method
    &nblionsgatesp;   &welfarenbsp;   Fill in the application form and submit my articles or reseclubmanarch papers related to lions club to Mr. Gao chaculture shocku, deputy secretary general of district club, tel: 13798309211.

        &n深圳天气bsp; V. Deadline for registraresearcher安卓版tion
            September 30, 2012.

  &nbsppublic; &nbsresearch复数p;       We warmly welcome all lionotice作文n friends to register.

&n深圳大学bsp;                   &nbresearchersp;                                   Shenzhen Lions Club Public Welfare Culture Research Center
                                                                    Chairman: Wu Liujiaresearch期刊ng
                            &clubmannbsp; &nbwelfare翻译sp; &nbclubssp;         Executive Chairmen: Ye Dong, Guo Xianotice作文odong, Liao Yu, Yang Jian
                  &nbsprecruitment翻译;         &nshenzhenbsp;                notice         September 13, 2012

            Attachmresearchgateent: Recruitment applicationotice用法n form for public Welfare Culture Research Center

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