Yitian Service Team 2012-2013 Annual Transition and charity Dinner

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— — Kee Yee Tian Service Team 2012-2013 Annual Transition and Charity Dinner

  &nbspservice;         On September 2transition-duration, 2012, The Lions Cl一甜相机utransition-durationb Of Shenzhen Yitian Service Team held the 2012-2013 annual leadership changing Ceremony and charity dinner in Shenzhen Oct Venice Hotel, attended by su Zeran, direcannuallytor of Lions Club of Stransition造句henzhen 2012-2013, and other district leaders. President of fraternal Service Team; All l lion friends of Yitian Service Team; Lion friend of the Korean A-One Sorority; Rtransition的用法epresecharity是什么意思ntative of Stransition-durationhenzhcharityen Ruilin Company; More than 200 charitable people from Tianjin, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
            The banquet began in t一甜相机he jingmei dance “I wish youtransition英语解释 a long life” performed by 13 senior beauties ofcharity怎么读 The Yidinner是什么意思tian Service team. At the subsequent handovcharity的动词er cdinner怎么读eremony, each member of yitian Service Team spontaneously gave a rose and a hug to Zhao Xiuzhong, the pre倚天屠龙记sident of 2011-2012, to show respect for her selfless efcharity是什么意思forannual怎么读ts in the past year, which made Zhao一天一袋牛奶的好处 Shijie burst into tears. And zhao scharity的内涵意义hi sister will represent all lion friends wishes and expectations of the rose to tteam是什么意思翻译he 2012-2013 new pretransition-propertysident Of lion brother Huang Yuping, President Huanservice翻译g said that he took over the rose is to take over the trust of all lion friends of the servdinner音标ice team, shoulder the responsibility of the New Year Yitian service team development,teams he will be based on & LDquo; Out & throughout; Spirit, the yitian serteams会议vice team to help students and eye aid two solid pdinner同义词rojects, so that mordinner的中文意思e childrteam是什么意思翻译endinner同义词, more patietransition造句nts feel the power of charity, feel the love of care!

      &n一天送30单外卖累吗bsp;     The keynoteservicebio speech of Brother Wu Zewei, mentor of She一天喝多少水nzhen Lions Club and senior member of Yitian Service Team, set off the climax of the party. His passionate speech expounded the progress of yitian Service team’s two projects of aid and eye care, ancharity翻译d also predicted the determination of Yitian Service team to go all out in theteampro next year. That night, the caridinner是什么意思ng people present understood that every pannual怎么读enny raised by The Yitian Service team was used in the donation, and every penny of the activity cost was donated by lion friends.
  &nbspannually;       &nbcharity的内涵意义sp; Shenzhen Ruilin company for & LDQUtransition-propertyO; Special Fund of Ruiltransition是什么意思in Ophthalmology Clinical Assistance (Lion) &serviceman RDQUO; The donation of the second odinner翻译ne million yuan, the collective singing of the team song “All the way together” by the Yitian Service Teannualam, and the poetry recitation with music by the lion friends and the blind children cannual的名词reated a gocharity形容词od atmosphere for the subsequent auction.
            Thteamworke 34 items donated by yitian Service Team lion friendsannual的名词 and social ca倚天屠龙记之九阳神功ring people were warmltransition属性y welcomed by the caring people present, and a total of more than 1 million ytransition的动词uan was auctioned. Those who failed to take pictures showed theirtransition love by donating cash.
            The dinner party ended in a grand and beautiful atmosphere, realizing the smooth handover of thetransition属性 new and old presidents, and raising a total of 3 mcharity音标i倚天屠龙记苏有朋版llion yuan for the two projects of yitian Service Team and ophthalmic aid. We will hand in hand, on the rotransition属性ad of love andtransitional charity, all the way together!

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