The universal Service team held the 2012-2013 annual change ceremony

Shenzhen Lions Club universal Service team held the 2012-2013 annual change ceremonyuniversal link校验不通过

            On July 8, 2012, Shenzhenteamviewer Lions Club universal Service team held the 2012-2013 annual change ceremony in president Club of Science park. The participants included 2012-2013serviceable Direcannual翻译tor S嫦娥五号u Zeran, former director Zheng Degang, second Depheldbackuty Director Lin Zservicebioiyu, Secretary Generannual同义词al Zhang Xiaowei, Chief Financial Officer Li Yuehuteamproa, Chief Affairs Officer Yu Qian, chief picketer Zhang Hongxiang, the universal嫦娥 service team lions, sjTU alumni and other invited guests.
   ceremony         Atceremony是什么意思 the ceremony, Nie Qinyuan, 2011-2012 president of the universal Sannual同义词ervice Team, came to the stage tceremony复数形式o make a summary of the annual work. Afterwards, guests presented awards to outstand嫦娥ing members of 2011-2012.
            In the presence of director Su Zeran and theuniversal是什么意思英语 previous director, President Nie Qinyuan of 2011-2012嫦娥 and Preteam是什么意思翻译sident Fan Wuzhou of 2012-2013 completed theceremony怎么读 handoannualsver ceremony and exchanged gifts. The new president Fan Wuzhou gave gifts to the guests, made an acceptance speech and announced the list of the new council members, and the new council members took photos on the staservice是什么意思ge.
    &nceremony和celebration的区别bsp;    ceremony用什么介词   New lions club members take oath to join shenzhen Lions club. Director Su Zeran and former director Zheng Degang take oath for new lions club members and wear member badservice是什么意思ges.
 held是hold的什么形式     &teamworknbsp;     Inceremony是什么意思 a warm and grand atmosphere, the 201held怎么读的2-2013 annual changinservice是什么故障灯g ceremony of Shenzhen Liheld过去式和过去分词ons Club univteams会议ersal Service team was successfullyuniversality concluded.

Article/photo &universal环球影城 have spent   Universal Servic嫦娥奔月的故事e

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