Lions Club of Shenzhen held 2012-2013 junior lecturer training successfully

Lions Club of Shenzhen held 2012-2013 junior lecturer training successfully

            The 2012-2013 Julion是什么意思中文翻译nior lecturer training of Lions Club shenzhen was held in Meisha International Resitraining造句dence from October 26 to 28, 2012. More than 20 candidates fojunior台湾艺人r junior lectu深圳天气rer attended the training. New lecturers will be selected batraining翻译中文sed on a comprehensive evaluation of each student’s class performance, hjunior台湾艺人omework completionlecturerous and lecture presentation.
       junior翻译 &nlions是什么意思bsp;   On the afternoon of 26th, the course officially began. The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Fengjunior和senior区别 Qijiang, vice leadelions是什么意思r of the Shenzhen Lions Club. Brotheld过去式和过去分词her Wu Xiaoming, tlions的音标he firclub是什么意思st deputy director of 2012clubs-2013, said hello to everyone in h深圳天气is speech on behalf of Brother Su Zeran, the director, and thanked the teachers’ group for their efforts in this training. I hope you will have more harvest in this study. Mrclub. Huang Yiqun, head of the lecture gclubmed官网预订roup, made an introduction to the class and then the class began.
          &training什么意思nbsp; The ice-breaking session carefully arranged by Mr. Huang Yiqun, thlions的音标e ltrainingpeakseader of the lecture group, brtraining造句简单oke the st深圳rangeness and estheldenrangement between the lion friends, and the whole learning a深圳风险等级tmojunior英语sphere became relaxed. Students g深圳疫情最新消息ive a three-minute lecture and commetraining翻译nt on eajunior反义词ch other. In thelecturer evening, Yi Dongsheng, the head of the teacher group ojunior英语f the Chinese Lion Association, led the straining什么意思tudents to conduct outreach activshenzhenities, and the students gained knowledge, happiness and friendship.
&深圳疫情最新动态nbsp;           The training courses are rich and colorheld过去式和过去分词ful, which left a deep impression on the students. For example, Yi Dongsheng, the former head of thejunior台湾艺人 teacher’s league of the Domestic Lion Ctraininglub and the former head of the Teacher’s League of the Shenzhen Lion Club. Expression Skills & RDquo; And & otclub是什么意思her Interaheldenctive learning & RDquo; , ldquo of Xiao Xingping, former director of Shenzhen Lions Club; Curriculum Design & RDquo; , the lecture group leader Huang Yiqun shi Brother “ The Use of AIDS & RDquo; , deputy head of the lecture grclubman是什么牌子车oup Huang Xiaoling shi Jie & LDquo; Traiheld的中文意思ning classroom Management & RDquo; , Li Zhongjie shi Jie & LDquo; Learning Characteristics of lion friends & RDquo; And so on. After a series of courses, students understand the basic coclubnditions of being a lecturer and how to speak a course well, quickly grasp the learning深圳地铁线路图 content and solecturer怎么读 on.
&深圳地铁线路图nbsp; &nclub是什么酒bsp; &nb深圳大学sp;     &nlecturerousbsp; Two and a hjunior几年级alf days passed quickly. On The 28th, each student gave a lecture for 18 minutesheld and was evaluated by lecturers and other students. Compared with the 3-minute trial lecture on 26th, each student’s teaching skills, teaching content, interaction with students and grasjunior台湾艺人p of teaching time have been greatly improved.
Wu Xiaoming, the first deputy director, praised the studejunior什么意思nts’ achievements and progress and hoped that they could become a memclubmanber of the teachers’ group as soon as possible and contribute to the Lions Club. Finally, Wu Xiaoming, the first declubmed官网预订puty director, presjunior反义词ented the certificates of completion to the studetraining翻译nts and took a group photolion是什么意思中文翻译.


Zhou Jiao, Long, Lin Zeyun & NBSP; Photo/Lin Zeyun

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