The seminar on financial Management and office work of The Domestic Lions Association was successfully held

The seminar on financial Management and office work of The Domestic Lions Association was successfully held

        &financiallynbsassociation可数吗p;   From Novemberoffice办公软件 2 tooffice激活密钥 3, 2012, the seminar ooffice办公软件f financial management and office work of Domestic Lmanagement中文ions Associatilions的音标on was successfully held in Zhanshan Garden Hotel, Qinoffice办公软件gdao. Domestic federation vice-chairman, shenzhen Leo Zhang Guojun former director, chief financial officer, shenzhen federation of domestic lion lion XiaoXingPing former director, domestic finance committee chairman federation of lion Liu Kaichenwasn’tg, domestic finance committee vice chairmdomestic是什么意思an of the federation, shenzhen lion lion sm Chen Shijun, domestic lion federation leadership cwashingtonommittee chairman li, and lions club in shenzhen, guangdong lions, More than 60 secretaries, financial officers and officers of thmanagement专业e management committee of Qingdaofficero, Dalian, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shenyang and Shaanxi attended the meetlionsgateing. Ms.management是什么意思英语 Zhang Xiaowei, Secretary general of Lions Club shenzhen, Ms. Li Yuassociation怎么读音ehua, Chief Financial Officer andmanagement翻译 office staff attended the seminar.
            Zhang Guojun, vice pseminary是什么意思resident of The Chinese Lionmanagement专业s Associatdomestically翻译ionwork翻译, and Dai Zhongwei, 2012-2013 chairmassociation英语an of Qingdao Memseminar翻译bership Management Committee, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony of the class on The morning of February 2. Zhang Guojun, vice president of the Chinese Lions Association, made a detailed interpretation of the spirit of the 7th National Member Congress of the Chiwork的过去式nese Lions Association. She hoped thfinancial读音at everyone could study hard, discuss and share together, and push the work to a new level. Chairman Dai Zhodomestic翻译ngwei warmly welcomed the participants on behwork翻译alf ofinancial timesf Qingdao member management Committee.
      &nbsmanagement怎么读音p;     The semanagement什么意思minar covered financial manalions怎么读gement and office work iassociation造句n detail. Among them,office是什么意思 Xiao Xingping, the chief financial officer of the association, explained the work rfinanciallyesponsibilities of financial staff and the interim Provisions on the Management of funds Budget and Use, and Chen Shijunmanagement游戏, the vice chairman of the finance committee of the Association, introduced the useassociation怎么读音 of financial software. The seminar also explaioffice365ned and introduced the statement system, financassociation用法及搭配ial management rullion是什么意思中文翻译es, official document writing and processing, the use of liodomesticns International WMMR website and the membersfinancial读音hip fee statistics function of lions International database.
          &nmanagement游戏bsp; The seminalions翻译r also evaluatedworkforce the archives of eight roffice是什么软件emanagement是什么意思英语gional member management organizations, and shenzhmanagement怎么读en Lioseminar怎么读ns club won thwashe award after all votelions怎么读s. Domestic Lion Association archives management outstanding unit & RDquo; The title. Zhang Guojun, vice presfinancial timesident of Shenzhenmanagement游戏 Lions Club presendomestication翻译方法ted MEDALS and prizes and took a group photo.
        &nbslions英语怎么读p; &nbsplionsgate; On the morning of March 3, the secretary general and chief financial officer from eight regions reported the doffice是什么软件aily work and financial management of emanagement是什么意思英语ach region respectively. The meeting also on the financial management and membersdomestication翻译方法hipseminar教学模式 management to do on-site q&A. Zhang Guojun, vice Presiseminar-styledent oseminar什么意思中文f ccNA awarded certificafinancial翻译tes to students who completed all courses of this seminar. At the same time, the Domestic Lion Association accepted the financial software donated by Shenzfinancial的名词hen Runheng Financial Software Companlions翻译中文y to provide software support for the unified planning and implementation ofwork的过去式 the financial management of the association system. Zhang Guojuwork是什么意思n, vice presworkoutident of the association, accepted the donation and presented a certificate of appreciatiooffice2016n on behalmanagement是什么意思中文翻译f of the association.
    &nseminar什么意思中文bsmanagement游戏p;       The students from eight regions expressed that the seminar courses wdomestic是什么意思ere very tarlions英语怎么读geted and helpful to daily office work. They hoped that the association would hold more such seminars to discuss and study together and make greater contributions to the standardization, specialization and scientific construction of the Domestic Lion Association.

By Zhou Jiaolong

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