The “Imagine Peace” peace poster contest for 2012-2013 was held successfully by Lions Club of Shenzhen

Shenzhen Lions Club 2012-2013 & LDquo; Imagine peace ” The peace poster contest was held successfulimagine名词ly

            Nheld过去式和过去分词ovember 11, 2012, 2012-2013 & LDquo; Imagine peace ” The peace postercontest怎么读语音 contest was held successfheld中文ully in the conference rheld怎么读的oom of Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Wu Xiaoming, first deputy Directsuccessfully是什么意思or of Shenzhen Lions Club, Linimagine翻译 Ziyu, Second Deputy Director, Yu Qian, General Dipeace是啥意思rector, Huang Xiaolipeaceful翻译ng, chairman of Ppeace&love啥意思eace Poster Cwasommittee, Li Shan, Hua Xiao, Fanimagine歌曲g Mansong, executive Chairman of last Peace Poster Committecontest怎么读语音e, Zeng Zhiyun, executive chairman of Domestic Artists Associaimaginedtion, Guangdong Artists Association, Shenzhen Fheldenutian Artistwash怎么读s Association, Shenzhen youth newspaper and other organizations, many art experts and lion friends attended the event.
            At the event,held President Huang Xiaolinunsuccessfullyg read ouheld的中文意思t the requiremeposter怎么读nts and evaluation critesuccessfully造句ria of the peaceimagine翻译 poster competition. The peace poster contest lasted for more than four months, and a total of 21,740 works participatedcontest的中文意思. Based on the principles of opeheldennness, fairness and fairheld的原型ness, 194 works were selected through rigorous selection. This competpeace翻译itisuccessfully是什么意思on is divwasn’tidecontestantd into six items, and the jury composed of expersuccessfully是什么意思ts from the domestic art circle and lion friends will select 29+1 piecescontestant and send them to Beijing to participate in the selection of the domestic cimagine的用法和搭配ompetition area of the Domestic Lion Association.
            At the acontest是什么意思cupheldtivity site, the experts and lions carefully eimagine名词valuated the children’s works.


          This year’s & other; Imagine peace ” Peace Poster Contest Winners:

  &nbsppeacebird是什么牌子;       Recommended area: Shenzhesuccessfully翻译n Lions Club
    &nbwashedsp;     Recommended Service Team Riverside Service Team
          The author’s name is Maggie Qianqian

Note: this work represents The Shenzhen Lions Club to partiupheldciwashpate in the peacecontest怎么读音英语 Poster global finals. I justwaste learned that this work won the first prize ofcontest怎么读语音 the peace poster contest in the domestic competition area of the Domestic Lions Associmagine翻译iation.

          &washednbsp; Other outstanding Works:
            Recommended area: Shenzhen Lions Club
      &nbsheld过去式和过去分词p;     Recommendation Service Team Taoyuheldenan Service Team
            Thsuccessfully怎么读e authowashedr’s name is Linheld是hold的什么形式 Jiaxu


    &imagine的用法nbsp;      successfully patched是什么意思 Recommended area: Shenzhen Liocontest怎么读音英语ns Club
            Referral Service Team Caring service team
      &nimagine造句bsp; &nbcontestantsp; &nwashingtonbsp; Tpeacemakerhe author’s name is Chen Zinpeacemakeri

            Finally, the award ceremony of sheldhenzhen Lions 2012-2013 Ppeaceeace Poster Contest will be held at 2:30 PM on November 25th in the Garden Expo Paheldrk. We hope all lions will participate in this gransuccessfully翻译d occasion.

Photo by Zhang Lichen


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