Shenzhen Lions Club participated in the conference on organization construction and membership development of domestic Lions Association

Shenzhen Lions Club participated in the conference on organization construction and membership development of domestidevelopment的用法和搭配c Lions Association

&nbparticipatedsp;           The GMT working Conference was held in Hangzhou from November 28 to 29, 2012. Zhejiang member management committee gave strong supporlions怎么读t to the convening ofmembership怎么读音 the conference. Su Zeran, 2012-2013 Director of Lions Club shenzhen, Wconstruction翻译ang Cheng, leader of teachers, and Zhao Wei, GMT Exorganizationsecutive Chairman of Membeparticipate的名词形式r Developmemembership怎么读音nt Committee attended the mclubmed官网预订eeting.
    &membershipnbsp; &nbsconstruction可数吗p;   &nbs深圳风险等级p; At 13:30 on the 28th, Brother Mai Siming, executive chairman of the meeting and chairman of the Organization, Construction and Develoconstruction是什么意思英语pment Committee of the Chinese Lions Association, presided over thmembership怎么读e meetinconference读音g, and Brother Dai Jianming, chairman of the Public relations and Publicity Corganizationalommittee of the Chinese Lions Association, rang the bell for the meeting.

            Mr深圳地铁线路图. Su Zeran, directororganization的用法 of Lions Club shenzhen, shared the experience of lions cconstruction怎么读lub sconstruction翻译henzhen’s organization construction anclubd development over the years, and explained in detail the objectives and implementation meconferencesasures of this year’s membershdevelopment怎么读英语ip development aparticipated怎么读nd retention.
            The lion friends from different regions also shared their experience and experience on the organization construction and development of their own regions at tparticipate的用法he meeting. Many lioclubman是什么牌子车n friends said that they learn深圳疫情ed a lot of valuableconferences翻译 experience from the meeclubting, which can be used for rconstruction是什么意思eference in the future organization construction and development of the region.
&developments翻译nbsp;           In his speech at the conference, Brother Liu Guopu affirmed the organization construction and development work of each committee this year, and elaborated on the membership development aconference什么意思nd retentiomembership是什么意思英语n work of the Domestic Lion Association in the future. He called on the regional committees to make further proglionsgateress and strive for greater breakthroughs under the premise of econstruction是可数名词吗nsurparticipate的用法ing the target of membership development this ye深证指数ar, so that the numborganization动词形式er of morganization翻译embers has a simembership翻译gnificandevelopment造句简单带翻译t increase.

    &nbspconstructional;       In his speech, Mr. Chen spoke highly of the development of lions Club in Chclub是什么酒ina and the work done by vclub是什么酒arious regiondevelopment怎么读s. He pointelion是什么意思中文翻译d out tparticipated是什么意思hat the development of Lions Club in China in the past ten years idevelopment怎么读s beyond imagination and very encouragingparticipate的名词. There iorganization可数吗s still a lot of spaparticipate的意思ce for the future development of China with a population of more than one bilconstruction and building materialslion. At the same time, he hoped that in the future, on the premise of buildevelopment造句简单带翻译ding a gparticipate的意思ood foundation, the member development work in each region could make progress while maintaining stability and develop cparticipatedomprehensively, realconference怎么读istiparticipatedcally, scientifically and efficiently.
&norganization是什么意思bsp;           After the meeting, all participants took a group photo.

By Zhao Wei

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