Lion love inheritance, thank you

Lion love inheritance, thank you
                      — Charity Collection Service Team and Xiangshan Service Team 2012-2013 joint election and charity Evening

      &nbslion是什么意思p;     August 18, 2012 is an unforgettable day, but also a memorable dlionkkay. Shenzhen Lions Charity Collection Service Team and Xiangshan Service Team held a joint changing cerethanks是什么意思英语mony and charity evening to pass on the tothank的过去式rch from generation to generation and explain the true meaning of love.
          &love is gone英文翻译nbsp; After nearly two months of joint planning and preparation by Xiangshan Service Team and Charitthanky Collection Service team lionlove直播软件安卓下载 Friends, the xiangshan Serviclovely什么意思elove直直播app team and the Charity Collection Service team were jolove直播手机版app下载intly organized by & LDquo; Lion love inheritance, Tthankhanksgilions英语怎么读ving have you ” For the thlovealarmeme of the changing of the charity evening perfinheritance是什么意思ect opening. The party was full of gulove最新版官方下载ests, including lions leaders, elion是什么意思ntrepreneurs, artistslove直直播app and media celebrities. Durinlove最新版官方下载g the transition ceremony, the new president took over the responsibility from the previous presidentthank and continued to complete the cause for which he struggled. The old presidents give gifts to each other, reflecting the culture of gratitude; In the chainheritancerity auctionlion是什么意思, the scene atmosphere was warm, every friend bid enthuslovelyiastically, dedication of love, the party form is richlions英语怎么读 and colorful, ceramic painters and calligraphers paint on the spot, and the scene of the charity sale, the frienlovely什么意思ds who parlove最新版官方下载ticipate in not only got their favorite works, but also contributed to the strenthankfulgth ofthanks the charity.
          &nblion复数sp; Ththanks是什么意思英语anks for the hard work for the party lion brother lion sister, thanks to the charitable donationlion怎么读 of love,inheritance与heritage的区别 thanks for the dediclion的音标ation of the charitable cause of people! Lion love inheritance, thankthank翻译 you!

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