Lions club kicks off “Operation Red” Blood Month campaign

The Lions will start. Red action ” Blood Month

            Foton network news (Shenzhen Business Daily reporter Peng Bei correspokickshawndent Sun Jing) yekickshawsterday, & LDquo; Red action ” The Lions Club blood Donation Month kicked off at Zhongmin Times Square in Futian District. The theme of this year’s event ismonth/year是什么意思 &LDquo; Dripping blood, lion lovoffere the world ” . The reporter learned that the Shenzhen Lions Club has been cared是什么意思rrying out this acredmik40tivity for the third year, and plans to extend it to other cities in China and eventually to the whole country.

            This year’s event sums up the previous two. Red action ” The excampaignerperiemonths是什么中文翻译nce of the initiative will be held each year on December 12 (harmonic & LDquo; Be loving be loving As & other; Lion Blood Donation Day & RDquo; . December 12 of each year to February 12 of the following year as “ Lion Blood Donation Moon & RDquomonths; . This year,lions是什么意思 The Lions Club shenzhen to the nationredundantal lions club areas (Guangdong, Zhejiang, Dalian, Qingdao, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Beijinlions怎么读g) to promote shenzhen development & LDquo; Red action ” The experience.

        &nbspoffer的意思;     In the past two years,months Red action ” With the enthusiastic participation of lions club members,month是什么意思 a total of 31 blood donaticampaign翻译on activimonths中文意思tieoffers have been carried out, with a total olionsf 690,000 ml of blood donated by 2,088 people. It effectively alleviates the periodic blood supplion是什么意思ly shortage in Skickstandhenzhen caused by the dualclub是什么意思 factors of winter temperature drop and citizens returning home for the Spring Festival.

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