The Lion Month blood donation campaign was launched yesterday

The Lion Month blood donation campaign was launched yesterday

Time: 2012-12-13 source: Guangzhou Daily author: Bao Wenjuan

A year & other; 12· 12” It was designated as national. Lion Blood Donation Day & RbloodmalletDquo;

Our report (reporter Bao Wenjuan correspondewasnt Sun Jing) the third session & LDquo; Red action ” The lion Montlionsh blood donation campaign kicked off yesterday, with 314 people taking 11,0450ml ofwassup blood at the launch ceremony. This year, we will organize shiyou enterprises to hold more than 20 blood donation activities, with the target number of blood donors reaclion翻译hing 2000 peoplmonthlye. The launch day also hosted &relaunched LDquo; Red action ” Symposium to announce the annual & LDquo; 12&middotdonations是什么意思; 12” National “ Lion Blood Donation Day & RwashedDquo; .

For two years, in order to save more lives, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has orbloodcganizeddonation. Red action ” Blood Donation Month, wmonth的复数alk into the community, enterprise and comlionkkmercial center, publicize the work of voluntary blocampaign什么意思中文od donation, carry out donation activities. Shelion怎么读nzhen Blood Center director Zhubloodborne Weigang introduced the past two years & LDquo; Red action ” Shenzhen Lions Club organized a total of 3lion怎么读1 voluntary blood donation activities, 2,yesterday once more088 people donalion的音标ted 690,000 ml of blood, becoming the main sdonation什么意思ource of volyesterday是什么时态untary blood donation activiyesterday歌曲原唱ties in Shenzhen at the end of the ycampaign什么意思ear and the beginning of the two months, effectively alleviating the stage. Blood shortages & throughoutyesterday歌曲原唱; .

The scene also on the current & LDquo; Ryesterdayed action ” Among them, Zhao Xiaoxin of Shenzhen Lions Club bao ‘an Service Team won tdonation是什么意思英语he annual award & LDquo; Love Ambascampaign什么意思中文sador Award & RDQUO; . Zhao xicampaignaoxin has donatmonth读音ed more than 10,000 millilitmonths是什么中文翻译ers of blood 31 times sincampaigningce 2000.

At present, there are only three annual lions clubs in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Red acyesterday歌曲原唱tion &rdquoyesterday; Blood Month. The third Red Action Executive Chairman Feng Qijiang, shenzhen & LDquo; Red action ” The main purpose is not to mobilize lion frielionsnds to donate blood, but to organize and lead enterprises and individuals to donate blood through lion friends’ publicity. This year’s & other; Red action ” Lion Friends will be organized to hold more than 20 times of blyesterday是什么时态ood donation, with the targlion怎么读et number of blood donors reaching 2000 pbloodmalleteople.

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