Shenzhen women’s Love Season kicks off

Shenzhen & other; Women’s Caring Season & RDquo; Start the   
Date: 2013-01-22 & have spent         National Women’s Journal       


            On January 19th, bohai Bank & MIDDOT hosted by Shenzhen Women’s Federation and Shenzhenkickstarter下载 Charity Association and hosted by我们都要好好的 Shenzhen Confofferucian Culture Research Association; The firsseasons什么意思t theme activity of the first Shenzhen Family Culture Feslove is gone英文翻译tival & LDQUO; Women’s Caring Season & RDquo;season Officially launchedlove is gone英文翻译 in Shenzhenoffer Children’s Librarofficey. Related leaders of Shenzhen Women’s Federation, people from all walks of life and Shenzlovehen parent-child rlove最新版官方下载eadiofficeng classics lecture & LDQUO; Parent-child Coseasons什么意思-r我们的歌eading class & RDquo; More thanlove直播破解版 300 family students attended the activity.

     season是什么意思中文翻译       According to the organizers, this activity aims tolove is gone英文翻译 carry ou我们的乡村t public welfare cultural activities in the community, with close to thelovely翻译 cikicks日产报价tizens, close to li深圳风险等级fe, clos深圳疫情e to the peoseasoningple, convenilovelyent, beneficial attitude a深圳疫情最新动态nd community residents close contact. It is hoped that this new cultural carrier can crea我们的婚姻te cultural highlights of citizens, set up a benchmark for community cultural activities, aseason怎么读nd strive to make it a powerful push hand in the construction of spiritual civilizatio我们的乡村n in Shenzhen.

            It is reported, the activity party callseasons歌曲s on shenzhen each community to provide long-term fixed site of about 200 square metoffice是什么意思ers, by bohai bank and other c我们都要好好的aring enterprises accoofficialrding to the unified model of decoration,kicks日产报价 by Shen深圳疫情zhen Confofficeucian culture research institute training volunteers, jointly build & LDquo; Family Cultural Service Center & RDQUO; To provide life guidance, cullovealarmtural edify and other se我们的婚姻rvic我们的歌es for shenzhen citizens, so that the family coffulture festival wi我们的四十年ll continue to develop steadily.

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