Shenzhen Lions club and shenzhen veteran cadres celebrate the spring poetry

Shenzhen Lions club and shenzhen veteran cadres celebrate the spring poetry

            On February 20, 2013, sponsored by Shenzhen Evergreen Poetrypoetry怎么读 Society, undertaken by Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Silver Lake Kunji Food City and ccadre是什么意思o-organized by Pioneer Ox Art Trclub用英语怎么说oupe, thspringe 2013 Snake Year Of Shenzhen Veteran cadres Spring Poetry Fair was successfully held in the beautiful Silver Lake. Shenzhen Lions Club 2012-2013 director Su Zeran, secretary General Zhang Xiaowei, Chief Financial Officer Li Yuehua, picket chief Zhang Hongpoetry有复数吗xiang, Deputy secretary General Peng Kun and Zhang Zhih深圳地铁线路图e lion friends and shenzhen veteran cadres, around the district of poetry friends a total of more than 180 people gathered together in Shenzhen Silver Lake Kunji fcelebrate怎么读ood City Cupoetry翻译igu Floor, The activity provided calligraphy works, poetry recitation, poetry singing, fashion show, dance and oth深圳地铁线路图er art pr深圳市最新疫情ograms and sumptuous buffet lunch for shenzhen veteran cadres and lion friends from various regionpoetry形容词s.
            Yang Guanghui, former propaganda director of Shenzhen, Tao Tao, president of Shenzhen Evergreen Poetry Sclub是什么酒ociety, Linclub是什么意思 Feng, president of Hong Kong Poecadres怎么读try Society, Chen Tuyuacad任务栏怎么调出来n, executive vice president of Global Chinese Poetry Assclub是什么酒ociation, and Zhong Sixian, executive vice director of Glion是什么意思中文翻译uangdonpoetry翻译g Poetry Society, expressed their best wishes for the New Year and theispring是什么意思r lcad任务栏多个窗口合并成一个ove for the mountains and wshenzhenaters of the motheveteran中文意思rland with poems.
  &nbsppoetry翻译;         Su Zeran, director of Lions Club shenzhen 2012-2013, on behalf of Lions Club Shenz深圳疫情最新动态hen, paid New Year’s greetings to all the veteran cadres ancelebrate的名词d poets in Shenzhen and expcelebrate过去分词ressed his adlion是什么意思中文翻译miratspringmvc的工作原理ion for the contributions made by the vetecad任务栏多个窗口合并成一个ranlions是什么意思 caspringbootdres to the development of new China. Shenzhen Lions Club has been dedicated tlions翻译中文o serving the community and has launched the Red lion suit & bull; Assistive standing throughout the &; , & other Red lion suit & bull; Red acticlub怎么读on ” , & other Red lion suit & bull; Guard thspringcloude sunset ” Three community brand service projects to provide services for the elderly, the sick and the disabled.
&nb深圳市最新疫情sp;   &nbspspringboot;     &nbscelebrate的名词p; An attending veteran cadre said: “ Today, I am veryclub happy to participate in the Spring Poeclubmantry Fair, which provides us with a variety of artistic performances and enrichis our lives. To deepen our understanding of Shenzhpoetry怎么读en Lions Club, we hope lions club can contclub是什么酒inue to mclubake more contributions tclub翻译o a harmonious society. ”
            A poet at the meeting said: “ Thanks to evergreen Poetry Club and Shenzheveteran中文意思n Lions Club for providing us with this platform for communication of poetry,poetry可数吗 this is a different spring Receptionlions. ”
            The spring poetry will conclude in a happy and relaxed atmoclub翻译sphere. Thecad认证工程师 poetry Fair let us see a group of veteran cadrecelebrate怎么读s who have made outstanding contributions to tpoetry有复数吗he development of Shenzhen Special Econ深圳疫情最新动态omic Zone, a group of poets who love poetry and pat深圳地铁线路图riotism, and a group of poets who have made selfless conspringboottributionscadre to social harmony. Let us wisclubmedh them happiness and h深圳地铁线路图ealth in their old age together.

By Su Zhulions的音标angbin


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