Notice of General election and election of representatives for the 11th District Annual Conference

Notice on the general election of the service team and the election of representatives for the 11th District Convention of Shenzhen Ligeneralizationons Club

Service teams:

&representatives怎么读nbsp;           According to the regulations of Lions Club Internatannual同义词ional and Lions Club Shenzhen, the 11th District Convention of 2012-2013 is scheduled to be held on April 20, 2013. The election of each service team must be completed before the convention. In order to make good preelection中文paratioannual同义词ns for the 11th Districtelection中文 Annual Conference, the following matters concerning the general election of the service teaannualizedm and the election of representatives for the district Annual Conference are hereby notified:

&ndistrict词根bsp;     &conference翻译nbsp;     I. Election of the service Corps

          &nbsdistrict是什么意思英语p; 1.3 During the perepresentativesriod from 4th April to 5th Aprgeneral轮胎什么牌子il,notice翻译 each service team shdistrict和region区别all hold a general meeting for the election.
&nbsprepresentatives怎么读;           2. The president should attach grnotice同义词eat importance to this electelectionion, and as the incumbent president, he is duty-bound to shoulder the respnotice是什么意思onsi通货膨胀下什么最保值bility of the election of the new board of Directors: First, the election committee should be established to examine the qualifications of the candidates such as the new presidthent; The second is to be responsirepresentative是什么意思ble for organizing the general assemblythough to elect a new council.
&nbelection怎么读sp;   &nbsreelectionp;      though 3. Each district chairman, annual chairman and executive Chairman should actively guide and assist the service team to complete the work of the general electinotice过去式on. All general elections should be completed before April 5 and the results should brepresentative是什么意思e reported to the district office.

            Election of district annual meeting representatives

&nrepresentativesbsp;   &nnoticeablebsp;       1. Each servicconference中文翻译e team sgeneralizationhall comply with the “Resolugeneral翻译tion on the electiconferenceon and qualification of representatives for the 11th District Annual Meeting of Shenzhen Lions club”, i.e.notice的形容词 one official representative shall be elected for every ten members accordindistrictg to the actual number of members who have paid membership duesgeneralization. If a service team with less than 10 members does not have a dannuallyelegate, one delegate can be sent to attend the district annual meeting. This delegate does not have a vote. Former governannual同义词ors and current distrigeneral翻译ct council members are econference英语x officigeneralbutcho representatives and do not occupy the quota of representatives of each service team.
            2. In order to ensure full attendance at the district annual conference, each official representative may elect a deputy representative. If the official representative is unotice翻译nable to attend the district annual meetinnoticeableg for some reason, he/she may be replaced by a deputy representgenerally翻译ative.
      &n同花顺bsp;     3. The list of elected full and Deputy representatives must be submitted to the regional office by 5 April.

&nbsconference是什么意思英语p;           Iii. Arrangements for thconferences翻译e annual Meeting

&nbspdistrict是什么意思英语;          桃花源记翻译 1. Meeting time: 2:30pm, Saturday, April 20, 2013; 5:00
       general什么意思中文     2. Venue: to beannual confirmed
      &nconferencebsp;     3. Participants: ex officio district annual coreelectionnference delegaannual翻译tes and annual conference delegates elected by each service team
      &representative是什么意思nbsp; &nbthoughsp;   4. Main contents: Review and approve the annual work report and financial work report, and elect 2013-2014 District goveconferences翻译rnor, supervisogeneralize是什么意思r, first deputy governor, second d童话故事eputy Governor and secretary General; To pass relevant bills for the currengeneral什么意思中文t ydistrict是什么意思英语ear; Elected district director, supervisor, first deputy director, second deputy director and seannualizedcretary general of 2013-同花顺2014 group aannual怎么读ppearance.
        &nb同花顺sp;   5. Dress: Reddistrict翻译 dress

            If you have any questions above, please contact the office directly, contact: Chen Laoyi, Zhang Licheng, tel: 25688990, 25688980, fax: 25688900.

            Notice is hereby given.

            Wish the lion luck changlong!


          &nannual英语怎么读bsp; 1. Lions Club of Shenzhen 2013& MDash; The year in 2014_____Lconferenceist of Seannualrvice Corps Council (blannuallyank)
          &nbelection怎么读sp; 2.              &ndistrict词根bsp;     List of serviannual翻译ce Team representatives to the 11th District Convention of Lions Club shdistrict词根enzhen (blank)
            3. Resoluconference读音tion on the election and qualinotice是什么意思fication of represnotice作文entatives for the 11thannual的名词 District Annual Meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club
                    &nbsrepresentative是什么意思p;         &generally翻译nbsp;  

      &nbelection中文sp;             &nbsdistrictp; Sannual造句henzhen Lions Club
      &conference怎么读nbsp; &nbelection翻译sp;   &nbspgeneralize;   &nbspdistrict词根;         &nbspdistrict;           &annualsnbsp;        generalbutch             2012-2013 Director Su Zerconference翻译an
                      &nbsp通货膨胀下什么最保值;   February 27, 2013

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