Notice of self-inspection and cleaning of service team

Notice of selfinspection and cleaning of service team

Service teams:

    &nbcleaning英语怎么读sp;   &nbscleaning怎么读的p;   Service project management in order to strengthen the construction of the service specification, in accordance with the civil affairs bureau of shenzhen the rectification notice (deservicebioep people began to change the word [2013] noservicebio. 1) “the spirit of the lionteam什么意思‘s club in shenzhen 2012-2013 emergency speciaself-reliancel council examined and approved, the dself啥意思ecision since March 2013 on April 1, 12 solstice, carrying out comprself是什么意思英语ehensive cleaning work in the service, In accordance with the principle of comprehensive governance, simultaneous rectification and prevention, self-inspection will be carried out fromservicebio the aspects of conference affairs management, service project mcleaning形式annotice作文agement and funteam什么意思d managcleaning形式ement. For details, please refer to the Articles of Assoteamworkciation of Lions Club shenzhen, Financial Management Sinspection用法ystem of Lions Club Shenzhen, Management Rules of Sinspection和check的区别ervcleaning怎么读的ice Activities of Lions Club Shenzhen, Management Rules of Fundraising activities of Lions Clservicebioub Shenzhen in corporate Governance Manual of Lionotice同义词ns Club Shenzhen.
    &nbsservice的名词p;       One, self-inspection matters:
          &nbspteamviewer; (a) & have spent Self-check of conferecleaning翻译中文ncenotice翻译 affairs
            1.  Whether to work in accordancservice是什么意思中文翻译e with the rules and regulations of Shenzhen Lions Clteam是什么意思翻译ub;
          &nbnoticesp; 2teams会议.  Whether to hold monthly regular meetings, whether to cservice和serve的区别onvene the boarself啥意思d of directors;
      &inspection是什么意思nbsp;team什么意思     3.  Whetherteamviewer the number of the service team reaches the standard the number of the service team is 25;
           serviceable 4.&nselfishbsp; Whether to carry out lion work activities normally.
            (2) & have spent Self-check of service items of the service team
&noticednbsp;    self   &nbservice是什么意思sp;  teams会议 1.  Service project approval
          &nbspselfless;   The implementation of the service project shall be subnotice是什么意思ject to adequate research, the formulationserviceable of specifcleaning为什么不双写ic aself-esteemctivity plans and budget plans, in the organizational structure, division of personnel, fund raising, time arrangement, site selection, organization and implemenoticeablentation of the full inself-sufficientvestigation and certification, project approved by the service team council.
    &notice过去式nbsp;  cleaning翻译   &nbspcleaning怎么读的; 2.  Declaratserviceion of services
          &nbservice是什么意思中文翻译sp; Serviceservice翻译 projects should apply to the District Council 8 woteamorking days before the event, submit the Apcleaning怎么读的proval Form of Service Activities or The Anoticeablepproval Form of Fundraisinserviceg Activities, submit the budget, plan, process and othcleaning是什么意思英语er information of the service project, the service funds should be raised before the declaration, all the funds should bcleaning怎么读的e put into the account management and accounticleaning是什么意思英语ng of Shenzhen Lions Club.
            3.&nbcleaning为什么不双写sp; Summary and report of servicnoticeablee projects
            After the implementation of the service project, the club shall report the summary, press release, photos and videos of the activities to shenzhen Lions Club, and doteamo a good job in financial settlement.
            4.  Services that have been requested and approved but not completed
     servicebio       If the project that has been applied and approved fails to beself-esteem implemented as scheduled due to irresistible factors such as weather, site, persoteamnnel and time arrangement, it shall coordinate with relevant parties as soon ateamos possservicemanible, implement the service content agreed or orally committed with the recipient, and report the project implementatioinspection翻译n progress to the District Committee in titeamsme.
&nbsself-esteemp;         &nbscleaning形式p; 5.  Application for Cancellation of project
      &nbspcleaning翻译中文;     For projects that have been declared but cannot continue to be implementedinspection翻译成中文, the service team shall convene a board of directors to revteamworkiew and approve the cancellation of the project, and submiservice翻译t the application for cancellation to The Shenzhen Lions Club in time.
            6. Undeclared items
  &nbsservice翻译p;       &nbsservice是什么意思p; If thinspection是什么意思e service team has service commitment or intention and has reached cocleaning为什么不双写mmitment or agreement with thteam什么意思e donor, it shall timely implement the project establiteambitionshment, fundraisservice和serve的区别ing, declaration and other relevant contents, and carry out relevant acleaning为什么不双写ctivities according to the commitment or agreement.
            (3service是什么故障灯) & have spent Selfteam是什么意思翻译-check of capital accountself是什么意思英语ing
              According to the “Financial Management Systemteams手机版 of Lions Club sheselfridgesnzhen”, each service team is a non-independent accounting unit, and each service team must open an accnoticeount in Lions Club Shenzhen for unifselfish是什么意思啊ied maservice和serve的区别nagement and accounting.
            (4) & have spent Self-check of service teacleaning是什么意思英语m’s fundraising sself-disciplinetatus
 inspection是什么意思英语           Fundraisiteamng shall be conducted in accordance with the Regulations of Shenzhen Lions Club on Fundraising activities.
            The fundraising of the service project of tnoticehe service team muteamost be carried out in the name of the servicenotice用法 team, and the lion friends enteamworkterprise can make donations. Whether theteams手机版 lion friends enterprise can be named as the sponself-sufficientsor or cservicemano-organizer should be approved by the servnotice过去式ice team council and reported to the district council for approval.
            If the activities held by lionnotice Friends entservice的名词erprises are not approved by Shenzhen Lions Club, each lionoticeablen Friends enterprise shall notselfish是什么意思啊 bind or publicize the service teams (or related service teams) in the name of sponsor or co-organizer without pself-esteemermission. Shenzhen Lions club reserves the right to takteams手机版e legal action if any of the above circumstances are fouinspection用法nd.
        &nnoticebscleaningp;   (5) & have spent Service team name self-check
       team什么意思     If the name of the service team is the same as the name of the lion friends enterprise or industry, in ordservice和serve的区别er to avoid confusinotice用法on between the behanotice同义词vior of the enterprise and the subject of the behavior of the service team, the service team is required to changenoticeable the name of the service team within the specifiedservice是什么意思 time and report to the Lions Club office in Shenzhen, which will go thrservice怎么读ough the renaming procedures witinspection是什么意思英语h lions Clubs international and Lions Clubserviceables in China.
&nbnotice用法sp;        notice同义词
    &nbteamssp;       Two, self-inspection cleaning implementation
  &nnotice用法bsp;         1. Division of responsibilities. Implemented in order to further strencleaning翻译中文gthen the comprehensive clean-up, to examiself啥意思ne problems found during the cleanup process, according to the unified policy, the principle oselfish是什么意思啊f concentrating hearing, respectivelteamsy, bselfish是什么意思啊y the partition of chairman is responsible for the follow up to redunotice用法ce the service comprehensive clean up, so meeting normal and services conform to the regulations, financial settlemenoticeablent, violationinspection翻译成中文 responsibility personnel responsibility provisionsteampro in place, Ensure the effectiveness of self-inspection and cleaning.
            2. If there are no specservice是什么意思中文翻译ific provisions in relevant systems, self-inspection shall be carried out according to the contennotice过去式ts of the Notice.
   teamwork    self     3self-esteem. Data reporting requirements. Each district chairman and service team sinspection翻译hould pay close attention to the implementation of self-inspection and cleaning. The service team should make a summaryserviceable of the implementation of steamworkelf-inspection and cinspectionleaning, which should be sself-relianceigned by the president, sserviceecretary and treasurer, and submitted tocleaning是什么意思 the district chairman for signature before April 1 to the Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Emailservice是什么意思 addrecleaning英语怎么读ss:szlions_pub@163.coinspection是什么意思英语m. Office contact: Zhang Licen 25self-sufficient688980, Su Zhuangbin 25688257.

    &nbsself-reliancep;       Weservicebio hope that the service teams will attach great importance toservice是什么意思中文翻译 the seteam什么意思lf-inspection and clself啥意思eaning worservicemank, and further strengthen the stself-disciplineandard management of lion affairsteam是什么意思翻译 of Shenznotice作文hen Lions Club.

            &nteamsbsp;                        self                         Sheservice是什么意思nzhen Lions Club
March 16, 2013

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