Notice on commendation and selection work during the eighth National Congress of The Domestic Lions Association

Dear Lion friend,

                According to the notice on the recognition and selection of the eighth National Coneighth怎么读音发音英语gress of the National Lion Association of China (No. 7, 2013), the eighth National Congressnational是什么意思 of theselection什么意思 National Lion Association of China is scheduled to be held in Shenzhen from May 26 to 28, 2012. In order to further promote the development of domestic lion federation, member management institutions are enceighth怎么读音发音英语ouraged to constantly improve the social service abilicongress翻译tyselectionproject樱花动漫 and leveworkerl, expand the sodomestication翻译方法cial influence, the domestic lion federation decided during the eighth national congress of the members in the development, serve the society, specificacongress和parliamenttion management performance outstanding members and groucongresswomanps. The relevant mattedomestic翻译rs are hereighth英语怎么读eby notified as follows:

          I. Award setting
  &nbspcongress; &nbcongress怎么读sp;   (I) Outstanding Member Award;
  &nbselectionsp;     (2) Outstanding Service Team Award;
        (3) Excellent Service Project Award (divided into excellent Service project of tcongressmenhe Federation and excellent service projselectionproject樱花动漫ect of each region);
        (4) Specialdomestic读音 contribution award (inationalstadiumncluding management personnel).

              Ii. Scope and conditioduring是介词吗ns of selection
       commendation     (I) Thselectionmanagere selection objects of this adomestic读音ward are the outstanding members, outstanding service teams and outstanding sercongress和parliament的区别vicongress和conference的区别ce projects generated in 2012-2013, as well as the membersnotice翻译, service teams or member managedomesticallyment organizations that have made outstanding contributions to THE ASSOCIATIONselection翻译.
  &selection projectnbsp;         (ii) In principle,notice翻译 the outstandcongress翻译ing Members should be the fullcongress翻译 members who have joined thcongress和parliament的区别e federation for more than three years. Threcommendatione selection criteria are as foselectionproject动漫llows:
            1. Love the motherland, sduring英语upport the leadenotice用法rship of the Party, and abide by nationacongressmenl laws andwork是什么意思 regulations;
        &nbsdomestic怎么记忆p;   2. Consciously implement the Articles of association and fulfiduring英语ll the rights and obligations of members, pay membership dues oworkplacendomestic time, and actively develop members;
            3. Enthusiastworkplaceic about public welfare and actively participated in conference affairs and service activities with remarkabdomestic怎么记忆le achievements.
   work是什么意思       &nbsnational音标p; (c) The selection of outstanding Service teams should, in principle, be those that have been established for more than two years. The selection criteria acongress和parliamentre as follows:
            1. Do a good joduring是什么意思b in organizational development, and maintain a stable membership of the servicnoticee team with more than 25 members;
            2. The team leader sets an example; the council is sound, democratic and standardized;
            3. Financial transparency and timely payment of membership dues;
          &nbduring怎么读sp; 4. Make outstanding contributduring用什么时态inotice的固定搭配ons to public welfareighthe uselection怎么读ndertakings and sociaeighth怎么读l services, persist in carrying out servicselection翻译e activities for a long time, and have a good socduring翻译ial inationalmpact.
          &ndomesticationbsp; (4) Excellent service items shall be selected for completed service activities, with the following selection criteria:
            1. Practical benefcongress什么意思its — To bnationalricongress什么意思ng practical benefits to beneficiaries, benefit a wide range of services with great impact and good response;
            2. Susworkdaytainability Services and benefits continue after the grantnational空调 ends;
            3. It is practidomestication翻译方法cable. Project plans and budgets are realistiworksc and provide maximum value for money.
            (5) Tduring英语怎么读he special contribution Award shall be awarded to the full members or organizationsdomestic是什么意思 of THE ASSOCIATION who have mcongressmenade speciaeighthl contributions to the management and service of the association for many consecutive years.

            Iii. Comworkmendation procedures
          (1) The selection procedures for Outstanding Mselection什么意思ember Award, Outstanding Serviccongress什么意思e Team Award and Outstanding Service Project Award are as followsworkshop:
       notice用法     1. Self-recommendation or recommendation by meduring是介词吗mbers, service teams, service project committees of membselectionmanagerer management organizations and member management organizations;
            2. The head of each member management orgworkanization shall conduct the preliminary reviewwork;
    &ncongress怎么读bsp;       3. Approved by the standing Council of THE Federation.
&congressmennbsp;         &nbnationalsp; The special contribution award shall be assessed by the standing council of the Federation.congress

      &commendation翻译nbsp;       Iv. Selection quota

              The basic data for calculating the following quota is the number of members who registered and paid membership dues before February 28, 2013. The quota will be allocated according to the growth rate of the number of memdomesticallybers based on the number of winners and members of the previous year.
            (a) The qucongress翻译ota of Outstanding Member Award is as follows:
&nnational daybsp;           &nbswork的过去式p; 22 in Shenzhen, 24 innotice是什么意思 Guangdong, 14 in Dalian, 10 in Qingdao, 7 in Beijing, 16 in Zhejiang, 7 in Shenyang, 6 in Shaanxi and 5 in Harbin
            &neighth翻译bsp; Total: 111.
        &nationalstadiumnbsp;national翻译   (b) The allocation of outstanding Service Team Awards is as follows:
              &nbeighthsp; Four in Shenzhen, five in Guangdong, three in Dalian, two in Qingdao, one in Beijing, three in Zhejiang,selection one in Shenyang, one in Shaanxi aworkshopnd one in Harbin
                Tdomesticationotal: 21.
      &nbspnotice是什么意思; &nnational祝庆bsp;   (3) The quota of outstanding Service Projects is as follows:
  &workdaynbsp;         There are 14 awards for outstanding service projects
         selectionproject樱花动漫   Shenzhen, Guangdong, Dalian, Qingdao, Zhejiang, 2 each, total 10;
            Beijeighth基数词ing, Shenyang, Shaanxi, Harbin, 1 each, a total of 4.
  &nbspnotice的固定搭配;         (4) Three special contribution awards

              Please do a good job in the recommendation of the award, and send the commendation recommendation form to szlions_puduring用什么时态 NBSP by April 22; Shenzhen Lions Club Office Contact: Zhang Lichen 25selectionproject动漫688980  Sunationalities Zhuang his 25688257 & have spenteighth Fax: 256noticeable88900

    &nbsselectionmanagerp;         Nwork翻译otice is hereby given.

              Attachment: Commendation recommendation form

  Shenzhen Lions Club
April 11, 2013

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