Advance notice on the 8th National Membership Congress of the National Lions Association

Dear fellow lions,
According to the advance notice of the 8th National Member Congress ofnoticeable The National Lions Association, the 8th National Congress of the National Lions Assoadvance名词ciation will bnationalstadiume held in Shenzhen from May 26 to 28, 2association和collection的区别013. Relevant matterlionss are hereby notified in advance as follows:
I. Main Agendath:
5membershipOn 25 All delegations check in and check in all day
5On 25 Throughout the day The exhibition
526 Full day exhibition, visit to the Secretariat ofmembership翻译 Shenzhen Lions Club, etc
526In the morning phoenix Mountaithn trees
5陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿26Afternoon licongress和parliamenton affairs Forum &national音标ldquo; Peace Poster & RDquo;congress怎么读 The awards ceremcongressmanony
526Eveningcongress怎么读 the ninth meeting ofnotice同义词 the fourth Council
527 Throughout the exhibition
527Morning eighth nationational怎么读nal Congrmembership什么意思啊ess of members of the first plenary meeting
527 In the morning Group discussion
527The second plenary meeting of themembership eighth Nationalmembership是什么意思英语 Member Congress in the aftnationalstadiumernoon
527 In the afternoon Tenassociationth meeting of the Fourth Coulions怎么读ncil
527 In the afternoon Eleventh meetnotice过去式ing of the Fourth Council
527Awards fellowship dinner in the evening
5On Wednesday Full danationaly training and sightseeinadvance翻译g for incoming president/Chairman team
5On Wednesdassociationay Throughout the day On behalf of the evacuation
Ii. Location:
(I) Meetingnational是什么意思 Placelions翻译中文:Shenzhen Convencongressmention and Exhibition Center (Chuangzhan Center, 6007 Shennan Avenue, Shenzhen)
(II) Accommodation Pmembership怎么读lace:Further noticadvanced是什么意思e.
Iii. Dlions怎么读elegates:
(1) Method of elelionsction of deputies:According to anationalstadiumrticle 20 of Chapter 3 of work Rules (Revised), as of February 28, 201nationalities3, the Federation has a total of 12,997 registered members, 491 service telions的音标ams and 545 representatives.
cuttingAs of February 28, 2013,membership和member的区别 Shenzhen Lions Club has 9advance名词0 service telions英语怎么读ams with 2271 members. Can produce 92 representatives.
1)        Among thmembership怎么读音emThere are 38 service teams with membership ranging from 13 (inclusive) to 25 (inclusive). Each service team has one representative and 38 representatives are generated.
2)      &association造句nbsp; The number of members is in25There are 34 service teanoticedms with more than 37 members (inclusive). Each service team shall have one representative and 34 representatives;
3)    &national是什么意思nbsp;   willTherenotice用法 are 7 service teams with 38 to 62 members, and each team hnoticeas two representlionsgateatives, resulting inlion是什么意思中文翻译 14 representatadvance名词ives;
4)        membersThere are two service teams with 63 (association和collection的区别inclusive) to 87 (inclusive) members. Each service tecongresswomanam shall have three representatives and six represenassociationtatives.
Members of tnationalstadiumhe ciB council and advisory committee arnotice作文e automatically entitled to representation and do not ocadvanced设置图解cupy the representation quota of the service team inlions怎么读 which they belong.
Please contact the serv桃花源记ice teamnoticed at2013April 30th, 2004beforeSubmit the list of representatives anassociation英语d receiassociation怎么读pt to shenzhen Lions Club office in accordance withlions翻译中文 Schedule 1 for unified sunotice的固定搭配bmission to the club offiadvance名词ce.
Iv. Fees:
(I) Registration fee:200Yuan/persoadvancesn. Please register with the service team according to the number of representatives2013April 30th, 2004bnationalefore, and pay thecongress和parliament的区别 registration fee of the club member representative to the Lions Club office in Shenzhen.
Shenzhen Lions Club Accoulionsnt Information:
Account nassociation用法及搭配ame: Shenzhen Lions Club, account number: 748458620854
Bank name: Shenzhen Citizen Center Brassociation可数吗anch of Domenotice是什么意思stic Bank
(2) Meals: to be notified.
(III) Dinner expenses:Dinner fee :380/ person. Ten persons per group, reservation subject to receipt of payment, can pay cash or creditassociation什么意思中文翻译成 card directly to shenzhen Lions Club office, or transfer; After transfeassociation怎么读r, please send the b退婚后大佬她又美又飒ank receipt to: 25688900.
Shenzhen Lions Club Account Inlions怎么读formation:
Account name: Shenzhen Lions Clubnationality,congress和conference的区别 account number: 7484586notice的固定搭配20854
Bank name: Shenzhen Citizen Center Branch of Domestic Bank
Five, Lion Business Forum:
The theme of lion Business fonoticeablerum is & LDquo;Domestic Characteristics & MIDDOT; Domestic model — a new journey flions翻译or the development of domestic lion cause” , will fassociation什么意思ocus on how to promotadvancee the sustainableassociation什么意思 development onational空调f lions clubs with domestic characteristics more effectively and comprehensively. Thadvanced设置图解e Innovative Way of lions club with Domestic characteristics退婚后大佬她又美又飒 & RDquo; , & other Tcongress和conference的区别he Development of lions Club in China & RDquo; To study and discuss thnational怎么读e key isslions是什么意思ues.
Each paper author will have 10 minutes to speak. Please inform the member management body to make a PPT for the paper author2013April 30th, 2004To the Liocongress和parliament的区别ns Club offiassociation可数吗ce, Shenzhen.
Vi. Awards Fellowship Dinner Program:
In order to fully display the elegantcongress什么意思 deadvancerad10meanor of the members and enrich the contents of the dinner program, each member management organization is required to select a program to perform in the 8th National Member Congress award fellowship d陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿inner. Please rehearse carefully and take an active part in the performance2013April 20th, 2004beforeReport the name of the show, performer and other information to shenzhen Lcongressmenions Club office according to Schedulenotice的固定搭配 2.
Vii. Exhibitions and Activities:
(I) Photography and Calligraphy Exhibition:
In order to show the spirit of shiyou and reproduce the service scene ocongressmanf Shiyou, photography and calligraphy exhibitions will be held d桃花源记uring the conference.
1. The photography requirements are as follows:
(1) Each memnoticeber management agency shall provide 3 excellent photographic works taken by members;
(2) It can reflect the service scene and show tlion是什么意思中文翻译he spiritual outlook of members serving the sociecongressmanty;
2. The requirements f陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿or painting and calligraphy works are as followsnotice过去式:
(1) Each member management organizatiassociation什么意思中文翻译成on provides 3 excellent painting and calligraphy works created by members;
(2) Painotice作文nting and calligraphy works related to thcongressmene ideas of lions Club;
Remarks: Please recongressfer to2association翻译013April 20th, 2004beforeRepnationalstadiumort to Shenzhen Lions Club office accnoticeording to Scheduassociation什么意思中文翻译成le 3.
(II) Standardized Mnational音标anagement Elions是什么意思xhibition:
In order to fully display the development of each memnoticeber management organization陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿 and make the nationmembership翻译al m桃花源记翻译ember representaadvanced是什么意思中文翻译tives have a better understanding of secretariat work, various documents and files will be displayed during the conference:
Content:though document materlions怎么读ials of various carrnoticeiers formed in work activities, completed and with preservation value, including tassociation怎么读he metadata and background information of impthinression, photos, recording (video) tapes, optical disks and electronic files.
Quancongress什么意思tity: 10 volumes/member mamembership怎么读nagement badvance的形容词ody
Requirements: Pnational祝庆lease sort out the documents and files according to thnational空调e Documents and files Management measures of The Domestic Lion Association and bring them to the site by the staff.
(3) Lion Pradvanced是什么意思oducts Sales and E通货膨胀下什么最保值xchange Exhibitilionson:
In order to dispnational祝庆lay the lion supplies of member management organiassociation什么意思zations and other national or regional lithinon clubs, learn from each other and passociation什么意思中文翻译成romote exchanges, there will be a special area for member management organizations and national lion club membenotice同义词rs to exchange their own lion supplies and sell lion supplies during the confcongresswomanerence. Booth application conditions and quotation will be notified later.
(4) Visit to the Secretariat of Lions Club shenzhen:
In order to display the aclions英语怎么读hievements of lions Club shenzhen, the Secretariat of Lions Club Shenzcongressionalhen set up a vimembership怎么读siting day during the conference for other member management organizations to vilions翻译sit and learn. Specific plans will be announced later.
(5) Plantiadvance的形容词ng trees on Phoenix Mounadvance的形容词tain, “ Peace Poster & RDquo; Award ceremony, sightseeing visit:The specific placongressn will be notified separassociation和collection的区别ately.
(VI) Training for incoming President/Chairman team:It is customary to trlions怎么读ain the president-elect/chairman team after the national General Meeassociation和collection的区别ting. The specific plan will be notified separately
Viii. Other Matters:Delegates are requested to attend the conference.
Ix. Contact Information:
Contact person: Zhang Lichen & NBSP; Su Zhuang bin & have spent Telephone: 0755-25688980, 25688257
Financial contact: He Aijian & NBSP; Zhang qing      Telephone: 0755-2568851though9, 25688960
1. Number of service team representativeadvancements
&nnational音标bsp;           &association可数吗nbsp;       2.   Delegation receipt
&nbslions是什么意思p;           &nbsnational祝庆p; &nbnationalsp;     3.“ National Lionsadvancement翻译 League Cup & RDquo; Golflions英语怎么读 tournament entry f童话故事orm
          &nbsassociation可数吗p;       &congress和parliamentnbsnotice翻译p;   4.Awards Felladvance翻译owshilions翻译p Dinner program entry form
                      5. Registration form of photography, calligraphy and桃花源记 paintinadvance名词g works

&nbsnational怎么读p;               &nlions读音bsp;  advance的形容词           &nbslions翻译中文p;         &nbsnationalityp;                    congress和parliament   &nbspassociation什么意思;     &ncongressmanbslion是什么意思中文翻译p; &lion是什么意思中文翻译nbsp;  nationalstadium         &nnational翻译bsp;             Shenzcongresshen Lions Club
2013April 22, 2004

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