Notice on the convening of the eighth National Member Congress of the National Lions Association

Dear fellow lions,
__Following the Notice on convening the eighth National Member Congconvenient的比较级resmembers marks of the National Lion Association (China Lion Association Office [2013] No. 8) of the National Lion Association,National Lion Association (ldQUO; Cib throughout the &;) The 8th National Membership Coconveningngress will benoticed held in Shenzhen feighth怎么读rom May 25 tmembers是什么意思o 28,eighth音标 2013. The relevantlions翻译中文 matters are hereby notified as follows:
__I. Meeting Schedule (see Appendiassociation什么意思x 1 for details) :

5On 25__Throughout the day__Delegation check-in, cheighth读音eck-in, exhibinational空调tion
526__Throughout the day__The exhibition
526      In themember怎么读 morning__Visit,convening plant trees
526     In the afternoonlions翻译中文__Lion Affairs Forum, & LDquo; Peace Poster & RDquo; Thnotice的固定搭配e awards ceremony
526 In the early afternoon __Golf tournament
526&nbsassociation造句p;    lion是什么意思中文翻译evening__Lecturer’s night, the ninth meeting of the Fourthassociation怎么读音 Council
527__Throughout the day__The exhibition
527__In the morning__The first plenary meeighth音标etnational音标ing of the eighth National Congeighthress of Members
527__In the morning__Geighth是什么意思英语roup discussion
527__In the afternoon__notice作文2013-2014..The first meeting of thnotice用法e annual Board of Directors and the first meeting of the Board of Supervisors
At a meeting
512 montconvenient什么意思h__Innationality the afternoon__The second plenary meeting of the eighth National Congress of Members
512 monconvenient的比较级th__In the afternoon__2013-2014..Second annual council meetinmembersg
Advisory Commember可数吗mittee Meeting
512 month__evening__Aweighthsards Fellowship dinner
5On Wednesday__Throughout the day__President-elect/Chairman team tralionsining and sigheighth什么意思tseecongressionaling
5On Wednesday__Throughout the day__On behalf of the evacuatiomembers是什么意思n

__Ii. Meeting Placeassociation英语:

__Shenzhen Convention and Exhibitionconvenience的形容词 Center (Shenznational空调hen Convention and Exhibassociation可数吗ition Center, Fuhua 3rd Road, Futianeighth基数词 Distrlions的音标ict).
__Iii. Delegates:
__(I) Method for thconvenient的用法和搭配e selection of representatives: According to Article 20 of Chapter 3 of the Work Rules (Revicongress和parliament的区别sed), as of February 28, 2013,national the Association had a total of 12,997 registered membeeighth英语怎么读rs, 4notice是什么意思91 service teams and 545 representatives.
As of February 28, 2013, Shnationalstadiumenzhen Lions Club has 90 service teams with 2271 meconvenientlymbers. Can prodnational音标uce 92 representatives.
1) Among them, there are 38 service teams with 13 (inclusive) to 25 (inclusive) members. Each servcongressice team has one representative, andnational day 38 representatives are generated.
2) There are 34 servimember怎么读ce teams with more than 25 members to 37 members (inclusive), and each service team shall have oassociation怎么读音ne representative and 34 represencongress和parliamenttativmembersescongress;
3) There are 7 service teams with a memcongressionalbership of 38 to 62 members, and each team shall have twomembersmark啥牌子 representatives, resulting in 14 represenational空调ntatives;
4) There are two service teams with a membership of 63 to 87 members, each of which has three representatives and six representatives.
Members of the ciB council anassociation翻译d advisory committee are automatically entitled to representation and do not occupy the representation quota of the service team in which they belong.
  &nbscongress和parliamentp;  congress和conference的区别   Please contact teighthhe service team at4May 30,Please submit the list of representatives and receipt to shenzhen Lions Club office in accorlions英语怎么读dance with Annex 2. The number of teassociation怎么读音am representateighthives can be foumember翻译nd in annex 3.
__Iv. Expenses:
__(I) Registration fee:200Yuan/persconvenient名词on; Meals: Lunch (30 yuan/person) and dinner (380 yuan/eighthperson) will be arranged on May 27.convening
__Please collect the above fee frnotice同义词om each servicemember怎么读 team5On 5Please specify youassociation用法及搭配r name, serviceighth怎么读e team and write “ldquo” on the transfer bill. The cost of thecongressman eighth Congress ” . After transfer, please send theeighths bank receipt to: 25688900.
Shenzhen Lionotice作文ns Club Accounmembership什么意思啊t Information:
Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club, account nummember可数吗ber: 7484586member可数吗20854
Bank name: Shenzhlions怎么读en Citizen Center Branch of Domestic Blions是什么意思ank
__(II) Accommodation fee:
__Imperiacongressmenl Palace V Hotel:Huanggang Business Center, 2028 Jintian Road, Futian Distrnational是什么意思ict (about 5 minutes walk to cocongress翻译nvention center)
__Elegant large bed room (50 rooms), 780 yuan/room;
__Elegant double bed room (55 rooms), 850 yuan/room;
__Fantastic big bemembership什么意思啊d room (2membersmark啥牌子5 rooms), 880 yuan/room.
__Fulin Hotel:No. 1085, Heping Road, Lassociation什么意思中文翻译成uohu Distrnationalitiesict (about 15 minutes by bus tolions Convention and Exhibition Center)
__Standardassociation什么意思中文翻译成 double room (150 rooms), 430 yuan/room;
__Standard single room (100 rooms), 430 yuan/room.
__All prices incnational翻译lude breakfast. Double room can be shared, please specify ifnational怎么读 shared.
__Five, Lion Business Forum:
__Topic:Domestic Charactnational dayeristics &member怎么读 MIDDOT; Domestic model — a new journey for the development of domestic lion cause” .
__Requirements:Each author will speak for 5-8 minutes. Please make a PPT for thosemembersmark啥牌子 who have already submitconvenientlyted the paper4Manoticey 30,Previously reported to Shennotice翻译zhen Lions Club Offilions的音标ce.
__Vi. Awards Fellowship Dinner Progrlions翻译中文am:
__To fully display the elegant demeanor of the members and enrich the contents of the dinner program, each member mancongress和conference的区别agenationalment organization isconvenient什么意思 required to select a program to perform in the 8th National Member Congress award fellowship dinner. Please reheareighthsse carefully and actively participaconvenient什么意思te in the performanceName of the program, performerandThe required equipmentRequest information426Previously reported tnationalo Shenzhmember翻译en Lions Club Office.
__Vii. Exhibition:
__(I) Photography and Calions怎么读lligraphy Exhibition (Area A)Unified exhibition arrangement. The exhibitionmember翻译 works will be auctioned at the right time and the proceeds will go to ldQUO. China Lion Fund &association和collection的区别 RDquonotice是什么意思; , enjoy & other; The lion prizlionsgatee & tconvenient什么意思hroughout; About rewards.
__(2) Lion Affairs Report Exhibition Area (AREA B) :Provide boards for member management organizations to dnational是什么意思isplay the lion work of the year (300 yuan/meter).
__(3) Lion Products Exhibition Area (AREA C) :Provide lion supplies to all member management ormember造句ganizationmemberss. 10 booths (1M × 2M), quotation: 2000 yuan/piece.
__(IV) Shishang Bconvenient造句outique Exhibition Area (D Area) :To provide mlionsgateember enterprises to sell their own products. 30 booths (1M × 2M), quotation: 2000 ylions是什么意思uan/piece.
__The above peighth音标rice does not include exhibition equipment. Please refer to Annex 4 and 5 for booth plan and quotation of exhibition equipment. If you are interested in joining the lions Club, please contact shenzhen Lions Club office at5On 5Please pay the exhibition fee to the Lions Club office in shenzhenlions是什么意思 inlions读音 advance. Exhibition fee of the Eighth Congress ” . After transfecongress怎么读r, please send the bank reccongressmeneipt to: 256lions88900.
Shenzhen Lions Club Account Information:
Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club, acassociation英语count number: 748458620854
Bank name: Shenzhen Citizen Center Branch of Domestic Bank
__(V) Standardized Management Exhibition Area:Each service team shamembershipll be responsible for the arrangement and security of their exhibits according to relevant requirements. It is suggested to make a copy of important files for exhibition in case of loss or damage.
__Viii. Activities:
__(I) Visit:The specific lines are as folnationallows:
__Line 1:Shenzhen Phoenix Mountain Lion Forest tree planting and hiking, free at noon at & LDquo; House of Lion Friends & RDquo; A meal. The fee for planting trees is 5000 yuan per tree, including trees and maintenance fees. please5On 5Please specify your name, service team and write “ldassociation用法及搭配quo” on the trcongress和parliament的区别ansfer bill. Planting expenses of Phoenix Mountainational翻译n ” . After transfer,eighth是什么意思英语 please send the bank receipt tcongress和parliament的区别o: 25688900.
Shenzhen Lions Club Account Infnotice翻译ormation:
Account name: Shenzhen Linationalityons Club, account number: 748458620854
Bank name: Shenzhen Citizen Centlions翻译erconvenient Branch of Domcongressmanestic Bank
__Line 2:Visit shenzhen Lions Club Xinxing Serassociation什么意思中文翻译成vice Team and Shenzhen Lions Club Secretariat, free at & LDquo; House of Lion Friends & RDquo; A meal.
__Line 3:Visiconvenientt member companies – Hoon Group and communitycongress和parliament的区别 support points, freconvenience的形容词e at noon at & LDquo; House of Lion Friends & RDquo; A meal.association英语
__If the number of applicants for the above routes is less thaassociation可数吗n 10, the rmember怎么读outes will be comeighth音标bined. All service teams are requested to5On 5Please report your aeighthspplication to the Secnational怎么读retariat of Shenzhen Lions Club.
__(2) Golf Competition:
__It is planned to be held on the afternoon of May 26th (congressfee: self-payment), the place will be notified later. All service teams are requested to4May 30,Pmembership什么意思啊reviously reported to the Secretariat of Sheighth音标enzhen Lions Club.
__(III) Sightseconvenient的用法和搭配eing:
__Lions Club shenzhen will entrust a travel agency to providelion是什么意思 sightseconvenient的比较级eing Tours (inlions英语怎么读cnotice的固定搭配luding Hong Kong and Macao Toeighth音标urnationalstadiums) for the delegates. If you need, please apply for tassociation用法及搭配he “Maassociation英语inland Resident Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao” in advance.
__Sightseeing tour will be arrangmembers marked at the discretion of members after the confenational空调rence. Interested parties please purchase travel insurance and pay attnotice是什么意思ention to their own snational祝庆afety.
__Nine, other matters needing attention:
__(1) As the organization of the Conference is complicated, all delegatioassociation什么意思ns arecongress什么意思 requested to arrange necessary staff to take charge of the organization and related wornationalstadiumk of the conference.
__(2) Please collemembership什么意思啊ct your 2-inch id photo (electronic version) and send it to shenzhenlions读音 Lassociationions Club office with the receipt.
__(III) Please inform the delegatelionsgates:
__1._Please attend the meeting.
__2.members mark_The accommodation fee shall be setconvenient什么意思tled with the selected hotel. If you need the invoice, pcongressmenlease indicate it when cassociation英语hecking in.
__3._Please prepare a cassociation翻译opy of your ID cmember翻译ard in advance so that you canoticen check inational是什么意思n as soon as possible.

Contact personconvenient: Ma Huijuan (25688567) Zhang Licchen (25688980)eighth翻译 & NBSP;
Su Zhuangbin (25688257) ZHOU Jiaolong (25notice过去式688576)
                              &nbsnationalstadiump;   &nbspeighth基数词;    eighth音标  
Lam zek-yun (25688570)
Finanational怎么读ncial contact: He Aijian (25688519) Zhang Qing (25688960)

E-mail: szlions_pub@16congress和parliament的区别

Attachnotice的固定搭配ment:1._The agenational空调nnotice过去式da of the eighth National General Asseconvenientmbly
Attachment:2._Application form for 8th Associatmembersion & NBSP;The attachment
The number of service team representatives in the eighth National Membership Congress
The booth plan of the 8th National Membership Congress
Quotation sheet for the 8th National Members’ Congnational空调ress exhibition__
Shenzhen Lions Club
2013April 24, 2004

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