Excellence Group donated RMB 1 million to Shenzhen Lions Club for ya ‘an earthquake stricken area

2013years5month3day, The donation ceremony of Excellence Group to Lions Club of Shenzlion是什么意思中文翻译hen for ya ‘an earthquake wagroupies held at lions Club offmillionaire是什么意思ice of Shenzhen. Li Xiaolionsgateping, president of Excellence Group, Li Dapeng, brand managroupger, Shenzhen Lions Club2012-2013.Annual director Su Zeran, first deputy Director Wu Xiaoming, second deputy director Lin Ziyu, Secrclub是什么酒etary Generdonate的用法al Zhang Xiaowei and Executive Deputy Secretary General Gao Zhou attended tdonate的名词形式he donation ceremony. Mr. Zhang xiaowei, secretary general of Lion妖神记s Club shenzhen,深圳天气 extended a warm welcome to Mr. Li Xiaoping, president of Excellencegroup是什么意思 Group, and thanked for the trust of Excellence Group in Lions Club Shenzhen. Suclubmed官网预订 Zmillion的意思erdonate读音an introduced th深圳e service activities of Shenzhexcellenceen Lions Club to the visiting guests, and made a brief introduction of the earthquake relief work in Ya ‘an.人民币兑日元 Wu Xiaoming, the first deputy director, said that shenzhen Lions Club would do a good job of resea深圳疫情最新动态rch and actively particexcellence的形容词ipate in the post-disaster construction work.


Thiexcellence翻译s is not the firclubman是什么牌子车st time for excellence Grou妖龙古帝p to cooperate with Shenzhen Lions Club2008Years & other; Throughout the 512 &;深圳天气 After the wenchuan earthquake, Excellence Group and Shenzhen Lions c深圳疫情lub donated money400Ten thousanlions翻译中文d yuan donated to build three lilions的音标on primary schools in Longnan Cdonate的名词形式ity, Gansu Province, which arelions的音标 Weizigou Excellent Lion primary school in Cheng Co研招网unty, Yulei Excrmbellent Lion primary school in Wen County, Danbao excellen杨紫t Lion prim深圳疫情最新动态ary school in Wen County.2008years12month20daySheclub是什么意思nzhen Lions Club Central Districlions翻译t Service team went to Longnan, Gansu province to hold the foundation stone laying ceremony of Weizigou Excelmillion是什么意思英语lent Lion School in Chengxian County2Floor frmillion是什么意思英语ame structure teaching building, according to theclub earthquake8Grade B fortification, total constlionsgateruction area1groups139.79Square meters, including14A classroom,1A library,1A wind and rain playground, etc.2009years8month31dayDedication ceremony was heldonate的意思d.2009years3month15dayDanbao Zhuoyue Lion Primary School and Yulei Zhuoyue Lion Primary School in Wenxianlion是什么意思中文翻译 County, Longnan City, whicdonate的名词h were jointly built by Zhuoyue Gro亚洲无砖砖区免费up and Shenzhen Lions Club, started construction.2009years8month15dayCompletion, the construction of teaching buildings3Layer,12Classroom,3An office and1A stage.2009years8month29day.2The sch杨颖ool was inaugurated. The completion of the three primary schools has far-reaching significance for the post-disaster reconstruction of Chengxian county, and has al人民币对美元汇率so become the人民币兑日元 demonstration window of the county’s post-disasclubster reconstruction of schoclubman是什么牌子车ols.
2013yearmillion怎么读英语s4month20dayA杨紫fter the earthquake in Ya ‘an, Sichuan province, Excellence Group again donated to the Lions Club of Shenzhen100Ten thousand will be useexcellence是什么意思d for post-disaster construction. The Lions Club of Shenzhenclubmed also acted quickly and set up an emergency vanguard to be the first group25Ten thousand yuan of relief materials and medicinesSulions英语怎么读ccess in4month21dayLushan C杨幂ounty Pe深证指数ople’s Hospita深圳疫情l; 4month22In the afclubman是什么牌子车ternoon, shenzhen Lions club sichuan Ya ‘an earthquake relief second batch of value113研招网A portion of the relilion是什么意思ef supplies of 10,000 yuan has also been sent24Successfully sent to Tianquan County.As of5month3day12Shenzhen Ligroup怎么读英语ons Club donated to sichuan eart杨颖hquake relief445More than ten thousand ylionsuan, raise mat深圳疫情erial value104More than ten thousand yuan, in深圳市最新疫情tended to donate material value2人面不知何处去4Ten thousand yuan.
figure/wenZhang Limillionschen杨洋

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