Shenzhen Lions Club guangxi Hecheng Educational Bank

                     2013years4molions翻译中文nth7dayMorning, Shenzhen Lions Club2012-2013.Zhang Zhihe, deputy secretary generalbanker of the year, Huang Cheng of the板框压滤机 Education and Poverty Alleviation and Disability Assistance Committee, Pei Yuming, Zhong Hui, Ao Zhiyonclubman是什么牌子车g, Yu Chang ‘e, Zhou Lianmin, Jiang Junjie, Li Shilei and Zhang Hongying of the Xiangmi Lake Service Team (formerly known as the Lion Friend of the Lindi Service Teamlions翻译中文) drove to Hecheng Middle School in Guigang, Guangxi to hold the activitclubmany of subsidizing Hecheng Middle School.

After a few ho合成纤维urs of travel, shenzhen Lions club lion friends arrived in Guigang smoothly,educational的名词 as soon as we entered tbank是什么意思中文he school, w广西招生考试院e were warmlybank welcomed by qin Vice principal, Director Liu and student represeducational和educative的区别eclub是什么意思ntatives oflions英语怎么读 hecheng Middle School.

It is understood that Guiclubmed官网预订gang City合成纤维 Hecheng Junior High School was founded in2011years9month1dayLocated in theclub是什么意思 beautiful New city of Hecheng, guigang city is looking forward to the people of the school, is guigang city300One of the livelihood projects in the project. Since theeducationally establishment of the school h板块as been adhering to high stand和成天下ards, strict requirement广西人才网s, big ahead of the direction of running school, further standardize management measures, improve the rules and regulations, determined by & LDquo; Unlions英语怎么读ity of knowledge and action, the pursuit of truth, relclub是什么酒ease per广西大学sonality, optimize self & RDquo; T何晨光he idea of running a school by &LDquo; Link international education, Cultivate intelligent talents, undertake the rise of China & RDQUO; For the goal of running a school, withlions怎么读 “ One year on track, two years a standard, three years of achilions翻译中文evement, five years i深圳市最新疫情nto a famous school ” To strive for the goal of “ Quality seducationallychool, management strong school, research thriving school ” As a strategy for school governance. In a short periodclubman是什么牌子车 of more than a year, under the condition that the office facilities are not perfect, all the stshenzhenaff have overcome all kinds广西大学研究生院 of difficulties, unilion是什么意思ted and cooperatedclubmed, and paid greateducational怎么读 attention to the teaching work, which not only put the school on the right track, but also made exciting a广西人事考试网chievements.

Shenzhen Lions Club (formerly bodhi Service Team) made a donation to Hecheng Middle Sc深圳疫情hool10Computer value2Ten thousand yuan,3clubHP printer value3One thousand yuan,771Book value2Ten thousand yuan, at the same time10Poor sclubtudents each1000Yuan, Zhang Zhihe, deputy secretary-general also donated valclubmanue5000A batch of深圳疫情最新消息 toys.

The assistance to Hecheng Middle School is one of the educational proclubmedjects of Shenzhen Lions Club. Although it is insignificant compared with the construction of Hecheng Middle School, it has special significance. We hope this donation will sow seeds and spark a fire. Roses, hands have ling何晨光ering fragrance. Life is richer because of love, life is nobler because of love. We also hopeclubmed官网预订 that more people深圳疫情最新动态 can participate in the action of donating money to help students, giving love, spreading love.


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/Zhang Zhihe figure/Hong-ying zhang

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