The rules for the election of candidates for director, Deputy Director, Secretary General and Director of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2013-2014 are publicized

Dear Lion friend,
Shenzhen Lions ClubThe general election for 2013-2014 will begin soon. In accordance with the laws and regdirectory意思中文翻译ulationsecretary中文翻译s of China’s societies, the chartelions是什么意思r of Shenzhen Ligeneralistons Club, the relevant provisionscandidate什么意思啊 of the Domestic Lions Aclubmanssociation and the International Lions Club, combined with the guidance of shenzhen Municipal Administration of Non-governmental orgclub怎么读anizations and Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation on the general election, in line with & LDquo; Democracy, Openness, Fairness and justicclubmed官网预订e &rrules怎么读英语dquo; The third special Council of Lions Club Shenzhen hagenerallys deliberatdeputyed and approved the qualifications and selection methods of the candidates for director, deputelectiony Director, secretary general and director of Lions Club Shenzhen for 2013-2014The qualification conditigenerally翻译ons and selection methods of candidates for supervisor, deputy governor, secretary general and director shall be pubdirectory什么意思licized, and opinions shall be widely solicited from all members, so as to guarantee members’ right to vote and to stand for election and ensure the smooth cocandidates什么意思mpleclub翻译tion of tdirectoryhgenerallye geclub用英语怎么说neral elecelectiontion.
Publicity Time:22 to 26 May 2013. Please read this in detail for suggestionsPlease send your valuable comments anelectionsd suggestions to shenzhen Lions Club via Tel: 0755-25688567, fax: 0755-25688900. Tlions怎么读hose who fail to reply within the time limit shall be deemed to have agreed.



          &nbsrules英语作文p;      1. Selection method and qualifications of candidates for 2013-2014 Director,directory Deputy Director, Secretary General and Director of Lions Club shenzhen elections   
        &nrules什么意思bsp; &election翻译nbsp;    rules怎么读   &nbdirector属于什么职务slionsgatep;     &ndirector动词bsp;directors     &candidatesnbsp;       &generalizationnbsp;      2. Election method for Director of Lions Club ofgeneralize Shenzhen 2013-201lions4
&nelection翻译bsp;                           &nbspclubmed;              3. Rulegeneralizes for the 2013-2014 election of the last director of Lions Club shenzhen

4. Election Method for 2013-2014 First Deputy Director of Lions Club shenzhen
5. Election Method of the second Deputy Director of Lions Club of Shenzhen for 2013-2014
 clubman       &nbsrules怎么读p; &nbcandidates什么意思sp;
         6. Rules for the election of the Secretary General of Lions Club of Shenzhen for 2013-201lions4
7. Rules for the election of directors of Lions Club of Shenzhen in 2013-2014
    &rules什么意思nbsp; &generalizationnbsp;                           &nbsecretary什么意思sp;                                                    &ncandidatesbsp;                         Shenzhen Lions Club
          &nbdeputy和vice的区别sp;                                         &nbsecretary什么意思翻译sp;       &nblions怎么读sp; &nbelection是什么意思sp;         &nbrules的中文sp;             &ndeputy怎么读bsp;           &ndirector翻译bsp;                     &nbdeputy和vice的区别sp;                         &nlions怎么读bsp;   &nbsdeputy是什么意思p; &nbrules手抄报sp;                     &secretary-generalnbsp;      
In 2013,On May 22day


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