The eighth National Member Congress of The Domestic Lion Association was held in Shenzhen (Snake Mouth News)

            Report from our correspondent (Chen Jingyou correnationalstadiumspondenassociation英语t Gao Zhou) On May 27, the eighmember怎么读th national Member Coassociation和collection的区别ngress of the Domestic Lions Association was heldeighth是什么意思英语 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Ovmember翻译er 600 domestic lion federation membewassupr representatives attend the meetingwas, China Disawashbled Persons’ Federation, vice chairman, executive deputy director, domestic lion federation President Wang Naikun, China Dnational怎么读isabled Personsdomestically‘ Federation, domestieighth基数词c lion federation, vice Preheld的中文意思sident of koizmembers是什么意思umi, chairman of the advilion的音标sory committee, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of shwaspenzhen, wear the nordomestic读音th, such as shenzhen guo-qilion的音标ang huang, deputy secretary-general of the official to attend the conferenceassociation用法及搭配.
According to reports, the Domestic Lion Association has more than 520 service teams and molion的音标re than 14,000 members across the country. Shenzhen Lions Club was founded on April 2, 2002, and has carreighth基数词ied out a series of public welfare anddomestic怎么记忆 charitable activities in the fields of medical treatmenheldt, disaster reliecongress什么意思f, disaster relief, disability assistance, education, youth elion怎么读ducation, orphan assistance, povlions英语怎么读erty alion的中文意思lleviation and environmental protection.held As of May 2013, shenzhen Lions Cllionsub has more than 90 service teams with more than 2700 members. According to incomplete statistics, in the past 10 ylionelears, Shenzhen Lions Club has proheld的意思是什么vided more than 6,000 service activities, and providheld中文ed service funds of about 160 million yuan. It has made a positive contribmembersmark啥牌子ution to promoting the devnationalityelopment of charlion的中文意思ity and building a harmonious society in Shenzhen.
Dai Beifang, on behalf of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Cowashedmmittee and the shenzhen municipal government, congratulated thecongress和parliament的区别 owasn’tpeniassociation什么意思中文翻译成ng of theassociation congress. He said that the Shenzhen Municipal Government apprecilionkkated the work of shenznationalityhen Lions Club and hoped that Shenassociation怎么读zhen Lionscongress翻译 Club would make continuous efforts and achieve greater and better resulassociation什么意思中文翻译成ts.
During the conference, a series of activities including the fellowshdomestic是什么意思ip dinner, the launch ceremony of the China Lion Foundation, the Peace poster award ceremony, the Lion Affairs Forum, the Phoenix Moassociation可数吗untain Planting, the Lions Club cultural exhibition, and the golf Tournamedomestically翻译nt were held.


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