Lions commits us $2.67 million to the third Vision First Domestic Initiative

Lions donated $2.67 million to launch its third edition. Vision first domestic action ” &nbspfirst是什么意思;

Octobthird怎么读er 09, 2011 18:50:44 source: Xinhua net & NBSP;

            Xinhua Shenzhen Ocommit什么意思中文n October 9 (third翻译reporter Zhao Ruixi) Lions International, a charitlion是什么意思y service organization, announced on Monday at the World Vision Day event in Shenzhen that itlions英语怎么说 will donate us $2.67 million for a five-year campaign in cooperation with the Ministry of Healtmillion翻译h and the China Dithird-partysabled Pervisionsons’ Federation. Vision firdomestic读音st domestic action ” The third phase will focus on blinding trcommitsachoma, amblyopia rehabilitation center and eye care.

            Of the $2.67 million donated, $1.6 million was used to elimilions读音nate trachomlion是什么意思a, according to Chen Ya ‘an, secretary general omillionairef the Chincommits翻译ese Lion Association. At the same time, us $420,000 was provided to the Chthird是什么意思英语ina Disabled Persons’ Federation for the establishment of a rehabilitation cdomesticationenter for lazy eye ifirst青年电影展n Lvisionariesiaoning and Guangdong provinces. In addition, $650,000 will be allocatevision怎么读d to estabvision翻译lish a provincial, county and townshlions英语怎么读ip eye disease prevention network demoncommit suicide翻译stration project in Liaoning Provmillion的意思ince.domestication翻译方法

      &lions怎么读nbsp;  lionsgate   “ Vision first domestic action ” Since its official launchvision什么意思 in 1999, the Scheme has completed two phases of operavision怎么读tion. Previous efforts have focused on blindness caused by cataracts. Chen said the funds have successfully carried oumillion翻译t more than 5 million cataract operatiolions读音ns indomestic翻译 China and improved the quality of secondary eye care facilities in hospitals in 300 backward provinces adomestic反义词nd counties.

          &nbsusualp; Founded in 1917, Lions International is a global charitable service organization with more than 44,000 chaptersus浏览器 in 206 countries and territories, and more than 1.4 million members. Lions Internadomestic读音tional was launched in 1990. Vision First & RDquo; Action raised $146 million for global efforts to prevent and combat blindness on five continemillion是什么意思英语nts.

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