The 2011 Lions Club World Vision Day was held in Shenzhen

“ 2011 Lions World Vision Day & RDQUO; The event was held in Shenzhen

Lions Club International Directors “ Experience in theclubmed官网预订 Dark &clubmed官网预订rdquo;

          On October 9th, Mr. Tan Ronbeheldggen, president olions翻译f Lclubmed官网预订ions Club International visited ldQUO in Shenzhen Conventi深圳疫情最新动态on and Exhibition Center. World Vision Day & RDQUO; Promotional exhibition.

            In the exhibition hall, communit大赢家y residents, the disabled, the elderly andupheld workers from Shenzhen are particworldbox最新破解版ipating in relevant actwashivities with great interest. Some citizens stopped at the low vision booth to learn about low vision and vision protection, while others took part in an on-site vision test. Some citizens participated in the iclubmednteractive prvision怎么读oject on sheld过去式和过去分词ite. Experiencworlde inlions英语怎么说 the Darkwasn’t ” To feel the inconvenience caused blions是什么意思y eyesight. The scene was also on diclubmansplay. Vision First & MIDdclub用英语怎么说ot; Domestic actio深圳风险等级n & RDquo; Brilliant achievement of the National深圳大学 Lions Association.

“ Experience in the Dark ” Visitors can experience the daily life of blind people

Citizens areworldwide翻译 having their eyes tested

        “ World Vision Day & RDQUO; Is the lions club international global event, the second Thursday in October each year, the lion will be specified in the global multiple countries or regions by holding a large free clinic, seminar, lecture educatclubmanion consultation, exhibition, and other forms of promotion activities to popularize kworldbox最新破解版nowledge of eye care, promote the importance of protecting our eyesight and methods and strategies. This year & othwasher; Liclub怎么读ons World Vision Day & RDQUO; The event was held in Shenzhen大赢家 for the first time.

Shenzhen Dilions怎么读sabled People’s Network reports

        &nheldenbsp;   Related links: “ 2大鱼简谱011upheld Lions World Vision Day &world翻译 RDQUO; The event was held in Shenzhen

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