Shenzhen Lions Club low vision rehabilitation system officially inaugurated

Shenzhen Lions Club low vision rehabilitation system officially inaugurated

Leaders and guests inaugurate the shenzhen Lions Club low visio深圳n rehabilitation system

    &nlions怎么读bsp;     October 9, “ 2011 Lions World Vision Day & RDQUO; Thelions英语怎么读 event was held in Shenz深圳hen for the first time. Shenzhen lofficially是什么意思英语ion friends and lion friends frosysteminfom all over the country and the world participated in the everehabilitation什么意思nt to enhanofficiallyce communication and friendship, and share their insights. On the same dasystem翻译y, the Shenzhen Lions深圳地铁线路图 Club low vision rehabilitaofficially翻译tion system was ofvisionbankficially unveilrehabilitation什么意思ed in the municipal Comprehensive S深圳风险等级ervice Center for the Disabled, marking lions Club International & LDQUO; Vision first Domestic Action & RDquo; The first project of phase III in China was officially launched. Tam Weng Gan, President of Lions Clubclub翻译 International; Svisionprocruggs & Middot, President ofsystematic Lions Club Internatvision怎么读ional Foundaofficially是什么意思tion; Wang Suiming, Deputy Ssystem是什么意思ecretary of shenzhensysteminfo Municipal Party Committee, Chen Ya ‘an, director of international Department of China Disablions翻译led Persons’ Federation, Zu Yuqiclubmed官网预订n, Direclower什么意思中文tor ofvision怎么读 Shenzhen Disabled深圳市最新疫情 Persons’ Federaticlubmedon, an深圳天气d Zheng Degang, presidensystem是什么意思t of Ssysteminfohenzhen Lions Club深圳疫情最新消息 attended the ceremony.

&nbslions英语怎么说p;         In orlions翻译der to further improve the low-vision rlions英语怎么说ehabilitinaugurate翻译ainaugurate的意思tion work in Our city and explore the establi深圳市最新疫情shment of aclub怎么读 low-vision rehabilitation service model, Lions Club深圳风险等级 International has allocated a s深圳pecial fund of us $176,471 to support and promote the low-vision rehabilitation work in our cilow是什么意思ty, so that people with low vision caclubmed官网预订n receive rsystem是什么意思ehabilitation services and ability reconstruction, and integrate into society. The lions Club ofshenzhen Shenzhen funded a total of 510,000 RMB.

   system是什么程序       Lions Club Intervision怎么读national has been committed to helping the d深圳风险等级evelopmenvisionstreetweart of visuinauguratedal rehabilitation services in China and has made remarkable ainaugurate的意思chievements. Since 2009, the Lions Foundation boarclubsd has shifted its funding focus from cataract surgery to low-vision rlow爆了ehabilitation. In order to explore a low-vision rehabilitation mlowodel suilions音标table for China’s national conditions, Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhen Health and Population And Family Planning Commission, Shenzhen Lions Club, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen Assistive Devices Resource Center for Disabled Persons and Shenzhen Hospital of Peking University have jointly planned and applied for the low-vision rehabilitation project in Shenzhen since 2008. The project was successfully approved and funded by lions Foundation International in April 2011.

Mr. Tan Ronggen, president of Lions Club Internlowational, preclub怎么读sented the medal and president’s flag to Mr. Wang Suiming, deputy Secretary of shenzhen Municipal Party Colions音标mmittee

Mr. Tan Ronggen,clubman是什么牌子车 president of Lions International, presented the medal anvisionpro是什么软件d president’s flag to Mr. Chen Galions怎么读ihu, vice mayor of Shenzhen

        &nbssystem32p; According to statistics, there are about 221,800 visually disabled people in the resident population of Shenzhen. Rehabilitation of low vision is a comprehensive servicevision怎么读 process involving medical assessment, assistive adaptvisionproation, rehabilitation training, environmental trvision翻译ansformation, psyclow爆了hological counseling and other technologielion是什么意思s. The objectivinauguratedes of shenzhen low vision rehaofficially翻译bilitation systsystem是什么程序em include: 1. Construct three-level service network, with three-level (municipal) low vision rehabilitation center as the node, establish two-level (district-level) low visiclubon outpatienlions翻译中文t service and primary (street) service poiclub翻译nts. Second, develop a set of training materials for visual rehabilitation personnel, and train professional and technical personnel at all levels. Iii. Strive to深圳疫情最新动态 complete 3000-3500 person-time rehabilitation services. Iv.system占用cpu过高 Provide visual aid rental serviinauguratedces. Carsystem32rying out public education. Develop a basic rehabilitation assessment system.

      &nbsplow是什么意思;   &vision翻译nbsp; The municipal low vision rehabilitation Center and the clinical testing Departmelionsnt of Peking University Hospital were officially launched yesterday. By the end of the year, two tertiary clinical clinics, one secondary clilower什么意思中文nical clinic and two prlow的比较级imary social health service stclub是什么意思ations will also be in operation.

         low爆了 After the opening ceremony, Wang Suiming, Deputy Secretary of shenzhen Municipal Palions是什么意思rty Committee,深圳疫情 Chen Gaihu, deputy mayor of Shenzhen, and Huanlow怎么读g Guoqiang, deputy secretary geneinaugurate怎么记ral of Shenzhen ofsystem怎么读ficlub用英语怎么说cial, received the imporlions英语怎么说tant leaders and guests of Lions Club international.

Leaders and guests attending the ceremony


Speech bofficially怎么读y Tam Wing-gan, President ovision什么意思f Lions Club International

Scruggs & Middot, President of Lions Club International Foundation; West Germany address

Chairman of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’lions音标 Federati深圳风险等级on Zu Yuqin delivered a speech

Xiao Xingping, the last president of Shenzhen Lions Club, introduced the implementation of the project


Visit shenzhen Lions Club training room for low vision rehabilitation

Listen to the i深圳疫情最新动态ntroduction of rehabilitatiolow怎么读n training staff

Vilions翻译sit shenzhen Lions Club training room for low viclub是什么意思sion rehabilitation


Kai Fei/Wen Li Yingphovision软件sphorus/photlowo ovision翻译f Shenzhen Disabled People’s Network

&lions英语怎么说nbsp;   &nblions英语怎么说sp;   &nb深圳疫情最新动态sp;     Related links: Shenzhen Lions Club low visi深圳市最新疫情on rehabilitation system officially inaugurated



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