Shenzhen Lions Club pengcheng service team Mid-Autumn Festival community care

Shenzhen Lions Club pengcheng service team Mid-Autumn Festival community care

            Since 2007, the Pengcheng Service team of S膨成语henzhen Lions Club has been participating in guiyuan community and Xiangmihu Community for fi蜜多多app下载iosve consecutive years to carry out the Mid-Autumn Festival community care activities.

        &midinbsp;   On September 8, 2011, wei PengCheng service, yong-gang ding, brother Gavin lion and Chen Ling super lion elder sister, on behalf of all PengCheng s深证指数ervice members visited condolences to the country community and checkfestival怎么读point each five poor families, sent poorfestival怎么读语音播放 consolaautumn的同义词tion money and grain and oil daily necessities, such as with country, checkpoint neighborhood streets to staff the symposium.

         teambition &nbsp彭城之战; It is understood that over the years, under the care of all parties in society, the spiritual outlook of the family members has greatly changed, full of hope for life andautumn和fall的区别 society.

  &lions英语怎么说nbsp;   &nservice怎么读bsp;     In add深圳疫情最新动态ition, Brother Liu Jinsong was entrusted by pengcheng Service team to visit liu Yanmei’s famfestival的音标ily, a poor family in Longgang District,lions读音 and bro密度公式ught a total of 1,500 yuan of condolautumn怎么读ence money, grain and oil and other daily necessities.

      Article/Photo contributed by Pengcheng Service Team

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