Fairy Lake Music Charity walk

Fairy Lake Music Charity walk

            On July 7, 2011, the Shenzhen Lions Club Xian Lake Service team held a splakers是什么意思ecial & LDquo for 50 ccharity宽容的爱ancer friends in themusic翻译 Shenzhen Liocharity的内涵意义ns Club office.walking Music helps Cancer & Bull; Fairy Lake Love Walk ” Activities. This is another service activity jointlmusic163网易云网页版y carried out by Scharity-mindedhenzhen Lions Club Fairy Lake Serviccharity音标e Team and Shenzhen Cancer Rehabilitfairy翻译ation Association.

In order to let cancer friends get different treafairy翻译tment experience, after a month of plalakenning, Fairy Lake service team invitwalkmaned professional music therapists from domestic music colleges to try music therapy for cancer friends for thmusic翻译e first time.

    &nbcharity的动词sp;       At the beginning, most cancer patients were skeptical or resistant to musilake是什么意思英语c therapy, but in the professional atmosphere created by teachers, interactive experience activities such as shaking hands, eye contmusic翻译act and turning small circles were graduallylake carried out, so that ca拉克丝ncer patients could get physical and mental relaxatiwalk翻译on and treatment unconscioucharity形容词sly, echarity和love区别specially in the activity communication. Onfairy怎么读e is a doctor of cancer patients to share her with musicwalking in the treatment process of the day lead to headache and leads outside s wonderful expefairytale是什么意思rience, gradually get cancer patients are in addition to the drug, psychological treatment experience, new treatment for ccharity怎么读ancer patients are in the wonderful music world happily spent half a day, and the expectanwalkmastert treatment.

            Shenzhen Lcharity翻译ions Clubmusictools Xianhu Service Team has beefairyn caring for cancer patients fwalkingor a loncharity和love区别g time, and has supported Shenzhmusic163网易云网页版enfairy的另一个情侣名 Cancer Rehabilitation Association as a long-term community secharity的内涵意义rvice project. In the future, the fairy Lake service team will regularly carry out music therapyfairy怎么读英语 for cancer patients once a qu拉克丝的法术棒arter, hoping to help cancer patienfairy的另一个情侣名ts to be optimistic and improve the qualitycharity怎么读 of lifecharity音标 andwalks survival rate through this scientific and novel way.

Article/photo & hfairy怎么读ave spent Dai li ping wang

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