Thank you note

Thank you note

Shenzhen Lions Club Tiande Service Team:

            In this day of hthanksarvest and aututhank youmn wind, tnoteshe Lion Primary Sthank的过去式chool ofthanked Baiyang Tthank的过去式ownship is very pleased and hanotedppy to receive your loving support. Because yournote9 unique philanthropic heart, to the beautiful mountains and rivers, outstanding people left a warm mark in the hearts of the Wanyuan people, tnoteshe fine trathanksdition of the Chinese nation in your loving action has been carried forward. Here, all the teachers and studenotebooknts of Baiyang Township Lion Primary School would like to express our deep respect and sincere thanks to you.

            Since 2009, your team to suppthanksort poverty alleviation o educatnotedinotebookon career, help the bee barrels of elementary school, can of danotem primary school, since last year for the Aries elementary sthank翻译chool donated KeZhuoDeng curtain, students, student canteen canopy, student bed, shelf, ping ponthanks是什么意思英语g table, blackboard, nearly 300000 yuan of supplies such as computer, send us the love and warmth. On September 19thankth, Zheng Degang, director of The Lions Club, accompanied 21 lions brothers and sisters to Bai Yang Primary Schoolthanks是什么意思英语. The donation ceremony was held and bai Yang Primary School was renamed As Bai Yang Tthank翻译onotewnship Lion Primary School. Your donation for the development of our school has made an indelible contribution to the campus cultural life addednote是什么意思 new vitality; A warm, let the chthanks什么意思ildren experience what is love; A ray of sunshine, brilliant chithank的过去式ldren’s pure heart. We hnoteshelfope to continue to receive your support and help in the future.

    &nbspthanks是什么意思英语; &nbsnoteworthyp;     We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the lions brothers and sisters of Shennotepadzhen Lithank的名词ons Club for their care and care for us, and wish you a new andnote9pro brilliantnoteshelf career! Please rest assured that we will try our best to build our campus, improve the teaching level and management level of the school, live up to the strong support and high expectations othanks什么意思f leaders at all levels and all wathankslnotesks of life for us, and promote the rapid and healthy development of Aries edunote是什么意思cation. We winotedll cherish the opportunity to learn, stthanksudy hard, exercise themselvenote9s, to unclesthanks什么意思 and aunts as an example,notebook inherit your love, when we grow up, these rethank youmembered warmth will make this world have more love and care, let each little starlight to gather into the ocean of love.

      &nbsthanksgivingp;     Finally, I wish allnotes lions brothernoteworthys and sisters a smooth work and good health!

Lion Prinotebookmary School in Baiyang Township, Wanyunoteexpressan City
  &nbthanks是什么意思英语sp;                                                              noted           &nbnoteshelfsp; September 29, 2011

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