Shenzhen Lions Club Pengcheng Service team Inner Mongolia education

Shenzhen Lions Club Pengcheng Service team Inner Mongolia education

            On September 5, 2011, in the cool autumn air of Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia, nine members of the Pengcheng Service team of Shenzhen Lions Club arrived at Baori Xile Primary School in Chenbaer Tiger Banner to carry out educational activities. The blue sky and white clouds set off the brightinner join and hteam是什么意思翻译opeful smiling faces of every teacher, student and brlions怎么读othcluber and sister. Pengcheng service team donated school supplies and stationery to the poor students and excclubman是什么牌子车ellent students of the school, visited the newly put intoservice是什么意思中文翻译 use of the teaching complex building, learned about the constrmongolia是什么意思uction of the school in recent years, and listened to the introservice是什么意思duction of the school’s teaching planning and difficulties. On Septeteampromber 6, the Pengcheng Service team donat鹏程万里的意思ed to Hohhot Nianetu Primary School for the third consecutive year.

&nmongolia怎么读bsp;     &nbspteampro;     Lionseducation的形容词 PengCheng service in shenzhen since 2009, three years in a row to treasureteamviewer, shearerserviceable primary school to carry out educationaclubmanl activities, in addition to help poor students, re深圳疫情ward outstanding students, the classroom for students to acquire the one hundred and fifty sets of desks and chairs, the teaching facilities and acquire for multi-functionclub怎么读 room tables and chairs, also donated 40 computer to set up a computer lab, create深圳疫情最新消息 conditions for the students to learn the computer. Over the past three years, pinnersectengcheng service team contributed more than two hundred thouteams手机版sand yuan.

  &nlions翻译中文bsp;     &鹏程万里的意思nbsp;   The caring action of pengcheng Service team has attracted tclubmedhe attention of local authorities to the education and construction of tclub翻译he sceducation可数吗hoolmongolia翻译, and has given great support to theshenzhen development of the school. At the beginning of 2010, the authorities of Chenba深证指数er Tiger Banner invested 5.4 million yuan to build 3087m& Sup2 for Baorservice的名词i Xile Primary School. Teaching complex building, which has school exhibitieducation翻译on hall, clamongolia怎么读ssrooms, offices, library, rea深圳市最新疫情ding roolion是什么意思m, music room, young pioneers activity room, multi-functional room, computer room and so on. Tservicebiohe tea鹏程万里的意思ching complex has been officially put inteammateto use on September 1,深圳 2011. The learning and working enviroteammatenment of all teachers and students has been greatly improved, anclubsd the playground and outdoor envirteamworkonment have taken on a new look.

            With the support and attention from shenzheclub是什么意思n Lions Club pengcheng Service team andclubmed官网预订 the community, Baori Hille Primary School is changing from an old ethnic primary school to aclubmed官网预订 local school with advaninner是什么意思ced teaching conditions andeducation是什么意思 facilities, positive teachers and stmongolia是哪个国家udents, and continuous progress and win honors. Since 2009, the school has been successively awarded with honors such asteamo Outstanding School with Real Achievements, Outstanding School with Comprehensiv深圳风险等级e Governance, Advancservicebioed Collective of Teachteams手机版ers’ Ethics construction and Women’s Work Unit with The March eighth Red Flag. Students have also m鹏程万里的意思ade great achievements in discipline competitions and tteamoalent competitions orgalionsgatenized by the country and the autonomoeducation翻译us region.

Article/photo & have spent  clubmed Contributed by Pengche鹏城是哪个城市ng Service Team


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