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Love begins here
                      &nbsplove直直播app;                       &江西师范大学nbsp;           &nbsstudent怎么读p;               &nlinebsp;     — — Jiangxi Wan ‘an Happy teaching assistant line

    &student怎么读nbsp;       On the occasion of the 26th Shenzhen University Games, the lions Club of Shenzhen, riversidline在中国能用吗e service team actively responded to the call of the Lions club of Shenzhen. Love begins here. — Welcoteachingfeeling冷狐版下载me the Big luck, donate sports goods ” Activities, in order to better continue the mileage of the team’s excellent tralove is gone英文翻译ditio何人不起故园情n of student services, after severa江西财经大学l months of preparation we organized the student assstudent音标ista网易邮箱nt trip.

  &nline在中国能用吗bsp;         On the morning of Sephappy birthdaytember 23rd, under the leadership of Brother Su Zeran, the firsthappy翻译 depline在中国能用吗ulovely翻译ty director何人不起故园情 of Shenzhen Lions Club, the lions went to their destination by boat despite the fatigue of the prev万相之王ious dlovelyay’s journey. — Jiangxi Wan ‘an Wushu mileage sha网页浏览历史记录在哪jing Lion hope scstudent同义词hool. At 10:30 in the morning, accompanied by Zhang Xueyan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the江西科技师范大学 local Education and Sports万道剑尊 Bureau, and Chen Jiming, director of the official education Supervi江西sion Office of the cteachingfeeling汉化安卓ounty, the donation ceremony was held.

    &nbteachingfeeling攻略sp; &江西财经大学nbsp;     Present at the ceremony were domestic minsheng bank sassistant翻译henzhen branch generteachingal manager ms li, general manager assistant for Mr Yong, shenzhen brothestudent的复数形式r Su Zeran lions lions firlove最新版官方下载st deputy director, domestic finance committee, executive chairman of federation of the lion, the President Chen Shijun lion lion mistudent音标lassistant怎么读eage service and elder sister in shenzhen, shenzhen lions fifth partition service, riverside GFS, chairman of the former President of takasu lion brother, Brotteachingher Peng Xiaokun, chairman of the eighth district and last president of the mileage Service Team, brother Li Chaoshi, current president of the mil江西eage Service Team, sister Zhong Yinghui, Sister Jin Xishan, brother Xiong Guangming, etc., Sechappy名词retary ohappylambbarnf the Party Committee of Wuhereditaryshu Tlove直播软件安卓下载ownship xiao Wen, mayor Xiao Feng, accomline在中国能用吗panyinteachingfeeling冷狐版下载g staff of M喝热水能减肥吗in网易邮箱sheng Bank,student members of ouline是什么软件r lion friends and teaching assistants team.

      &line是什么意思nbsp;     Wushu township head Xiahappyo Feng presided ohappy什么意思ver the donation ceremony. At the beginning of the ceremony, Secretary Zhang Xueyan gave a welcome speelove直播软件安卓下载ch. Secretaryhappy的反义词 Zhang praised there怎么读he people’s love for eduteachingfeeling怎么攻略老板娘cation and thanked t万古神帝he Shenassistant是什么意思zhen Lions Club and何人不起故园情 The Shenzhen Branch of China Minsheng Bank for their support to wan ‘an County educationline是什么软件. This aline是什么意思ctivity dhere怎么读onated a total of 24 poor students, each 500 yuan, 12,000 yuan; The top three 24 students in the final exam of last semester were awarded 200 yuteachingfeeling汉化安卓an per pers和人鱼大佬联姻后on (4800 yuan). Donated sports equipment and books worth more than 20,000 yuan to the school. Finally, lion friends and te万道剑尊aching assistants in the lion sister Chen Shijun and Qidan led together with the children tassistantshipo play an interactive puzzle game, the game in the process of director Su and Li Chao president respectively willovely翻译l be two symbol of love to pass the ballline翻译 to each child!
           teaching怎么读 After lunch, we visited somlovee stteachingfeeling下载udents’ families in batches. In the process of home visit, welove直播手机版app下载 once again experiehappylambbarnnced the poverty of the loca王者荣耀l, the difficulty of the children to studyhappy翻译, as if we were back in the childhood! Director Su visited a family with only grandpa paralyzed in bed王者荣耀, grandma in more than 70 yhappy的比较级ears old, brother in gradeassistant动词 two and lanli only 14 years old. When she saw grandma with nothing on the wall taking out dried frlinearuit to entertain us, she could not help crying and said万古神帝飞天鱼 with deep feeling: Old man, you can restwan assured! Don’t worry about these two children we lion friends will help them! Then Su took out a wad of money and stuffed it in the old man’s hand. Other lion friends and minsheng Bank friends took out their wallets to express thejiangxiir love!

&nbline是什么软件sp;           Mileage Service team has been studying in this school fostudent同义词r six years. As one of thappylambbarnhe planners of this activity, I am moved every time I witness the lion friends’ kindness and love! In six years. From the cooperation with shajing Service team lion friends喝热水能减肥吗 to I also become a lion frienstudent的复数形式ds, from the l江西疫情eadership ohappyf our founding shijun shi Sisteachingfeeling下载ter, red li servilovely翻译ce team and riverside service team lion fassistant怎么读riends assistance, to the participation of Minsheng Bank, year by year inheritance! Carry forward year by year! Our love for lions has been deeply branded in the hearts of local teachers,student翻译中文 students and people!



       assistant英语怎么读     From September 20 to 23, the program江西理工大学 was launched by mileage Service team to help teachers in mountain arlineseas江西财经大学 improve their psychologihappysugarlifecal counseling ability. Tree of Hope ” One hundred excellent psyline官网chological counselors training class officially opened in Jistudents18angxi Wan ‘an. T万能钥匙he lecturer is B何人不起故园情的上一句是什么ai Xiaoyu, the head of Asia’s largest training company, IPTA international professional traistudent复数ner an万道剑尊d behavioral psycholstudent怎么读ogy expert. There are also 12 volunteer teaching assistants from all walks of life and lion friends in Shenzhen. Nearly 100 participants in this training class are mainly from the county’s primaassistant翻译ry and secondary schools in charge of political work vice principals, political work di王者荣耀rector and head teachers. Twelve people inclhappy名词uding Ms. Li Hui, general manage江西疫情最新消息r of Shenzhen Branch of China Minsheng Bank, and more than 20 people including Su Zeran, first deputy director of Shenzhen Lions Club, and lion Friends arhappy的比较级rived to attend the gstudent同义词raduation ceremony. At the ceremony, Su Zeran, deputy Director and An Baassistantshipngyong, General Assistant of CMBC, made speeches respectively! Director Su fully affirmed the results of the traininassistant的复数g and said that the training is the firsheret service of Lions Club shenzhen! At the ceremony, Mr. Liu Chengjun, head of the Education Unit of the local Education and Sports Bureau, presented a plaque to Mr. Li Chao, president of the Mileage Service Team.

Article/Li Chaohappy名词 & NBSP; Photo/Liang Guihai & NBSP; Zhang Fengnan


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